Young man sustains fatal injuries while helping build a new roller coaster

Charleston, SC – Jobs that involve moving any kind of heavy parts or equipment can be extremely dangerous. These kinds of workers are always exposed to the risk of being injured by some kind of machinery or large object when they least expect it. Depending on the factors that led to the accident, the injured person may be eligible for workers compensation benefits, or they can decide to sue the party responsible for their injuries. 

The Sun News reported on an incident where a 20 year old male died while working on a rollercoaster [1].

Worker dies in theme park accident

An initial investigation found that the victim was carrying a steel beam, then he slipped on ice on the ground. The beam caused an injury to his chest area and those wounds turned out to be fatal. First responders at the scene attended to the victim, and he was taken to the hospital a short time later, but the attempts at treating his injuries were unsuccessful. 

The victim was identified as a contract worker from Illinois who had been doing work in the theme park, mainly working on a rollercoaster that was set to open when the summer season begins. Local police do not believe that there was any foul play that caused the incident, and they are treating this as a non-criminal investigation.

The local branch of OSHA where the accident happened did not respond to the news network or provide any comments at the time of the report. 

The process following a workplace accident

Any workplace injuries or fatalities should be reported to the employer immediately. This will ensure that the person gets medical attention, and there is also the possibility that the victim may be eligible for benefits paid out by the company’s workers compensation insurance. These benefits may include a percentage of the person’s lost wages, costs of medical care, and even additional training if the person is out of work for an extended period of time. Such benefits are usually contingent on the results of a medical examination and confirmation that the specific injury will prevent the person from performing their normal job duties. Lawyers who focus on this area can provide additional information about workers compensation cases

Workers compensation attorneys are available

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