Workers were hurt after falling in chocolate factory

Charleston, SC – Many jobs have some kind of hazards that can result in injuries. Those who work in careers involving machinery and heavy industrial work are some of the most at risk employees, as injuries in these fields are common. If a workplace accident happens, the employee should notify the proper person at their company immediately and get legal advice to see if workers compensation benefits are available. 

CBS 47 reported that OSHA fined Mars Wrigley approximately $15,000 over an incident where workers were injured while working near a chocolate tank [1]. The workers in question were not employees of the company, but independent contractors hired to perform maintenance in their plant. 

Workers injured after falling into chocolate tank

A federal report following the investigation found that Mars Wrigley failed to give appropriate training or authorization to their externally contracted workers. The investigation was prompted when contracted workers fell into a chocolate tank while doing maintenance work in June of 2022. The two injured individuals remained in the partially filled tank for some time while emergency workers had difficulty removing them. After a couple of hours, a hole was cut into the tank to get them out and they were transported to a hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries. Mars Wrigley released a statement that they were cooperating with the government to make appropriate changes and review any relevant business practices. 

What to know about workplace injuries

Those who are injured on the job have the right to receive benefits through the workers compensation system. Almost all employers in South Carolina are required to pay into this insurance policy, which can cover a percentage of a person’s wages, their medical treatment costs, and additional training if they are out of work for an extended period of time. There are requirements before a person can start to receive these benefits, which normally include formally giving notice to the employer, as well as undergoing a medical examination by an independent medical professional. 

In some cases, it may be appropriate to sue a workplace for negligence instead of filing for workers compensation benefits. However, an attorney with experience in this field should review the situation and recommend an appropriate course of action based on the info available. 

Workers compensation lawyers in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm is available to assist those who have been injured on the job in the Charleston area. Their attorneys focus on all aspects of the workers compensation process. 

USAttorneys.com is a service that works with people who need to find a lawyer in their city or state. Anyone who needs a referral can call 800-672-3103 to learn more. 

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