Do You Need To Speak With A Workers Compensation Attorney In Wisconsin?

If you are an employee in the state of Wisconsin who isn’t receiving your worker’s compensation benefits you are entitled to be paid out, you may be required to take your case before a judge. If you are looking to dispute a claim because your employer’s insurance carrier provided you with a lesser amount than you should have received, a hearing is what you may need to schedule to get the issue settled. You can file an application for a hearing along with a spouse who may have lost their loved one in the midst of a work-related accident using the required form, WKC-7, which can be obtained from the Worker’s Compensation Division.


How are hearings scheduled and how will I know when mine is set for?

There are certain factors that the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development will use to decide where your hearing is going to be held. Some of these factors include:

  • Your geographical location
  • Residence
  • The location in which the injury occurred
  • The location of your employee’s treating practitioner

Once a hearing date is set, all the involved parties will be notified via written notice. The department usually mails out this written form of notice eight to ten weeks in advance. However, something to be mindful of is that the department could schedule a hearing as little as 10 days prior to the date it is set for.

Perhaps it would benefit to hire a worker’s compensation attorney in Wisconsin prior to submitting this application. You want to ensure that if your claim isn’t being handled fairly that you are given the respect you deserve seeing that you already had an issue with this. The recommended WI worker’s compensation lawyers found on USAttorneys understand the complexities that can arise in these types of cases so it is always important that you are fully prepared and supported before going into a hearing.


You have rights as a worker’s compensation claimant

If you are requesting a hearing, clearly there is an issue with your claim. As an injured worker, you are entitled to hire an attorney and it is highly advisable that you do so. While attorney fees vary as each case is different, according to the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce, the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will determine the amount of attorney fees.

One of the added benefits you get when you hire one of our Wisconsin worker’s compensation lawyers is that they will provide you with all the necessary information you need. For instance, there are certain things you should be aware of before a hearing which include:

  • Once you receive your notice of hearing, contact any witnesses and arrange to have them attend the hearing.
  • The employee does have the burden to present evidence of facts to support their reasoning for this hearing.
  • If you fail to appear at a hearing as scheduled, your application may be dismissed and a final decision may be made by default.

So, if you are ready to get the legal help you need so you can file for a worker’s compensation hearing, is ready to provide you the exceptional assistance you deserve.