The construction industry is among one of the most dangerous to work in as it often involves individuals working around heavy equipment and on worksites that are high above the ground. Additionally, construction workers are also required to work near or on busy roadways if they must repair damaged streets or highways, putting them at great risk of being struck by a vehicle. Given the level of risk that is associated with working in the construction industry, it is no surprise why serious and even fatal accidents happen.


What happens when a construction worker is involved in a work accident in Wyoming?


After a construction worker has been involved in an accident on-the-job, it is important for them to begin receiving benefits that can help them afford the medical care they need. After an individual has been involved in a work-related accident in Wyoming, they must report the injury to their employer within 72 hours. Once their employer has been notified of their injury, he/she must submit a report of injury to Workers’ Compensation within 10 days so that a claim can be opened.


Generally, a construction worker’s claim will fall into either one of the following two categories:


  1. Medical Claim

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services says that a medical claim is filed when an employee has suffered an injury at work but is still able to continue working. These types of claims do allow for an injured worker to have their medical bills covered by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.


  1. Indemnity Claim

An indemnity claim, on the other hand, means a worker has suffered an injury and is unable to continue working for some period of time. When this type of claim is filed, a construction worker will receive medical coverage for their work-related injury and a portion of their wages for the time they are unable to work due to their injury.


If an injured worker is unable to work three or more consecutive days after suffering a work-related injury, they may also be eligible to receive temporary total disability (TTD). In order for an injured worker in Wyoming to receive these benefits, they would need to submit a separate application. Now, it is worth noting that most, if not all, workers’ comp forms do have deadlines, so it is extremely important for an injured worker to get them in as soon as possible.


Hiring a Wyoming Construction Accident Lawyer After Suffering a Work-Related Injury


Obtaining workers’ comp benefits isn’t always easy. Sometimes, employers fail to get forms in on time, and in other cases, the insurer may deny a worker’s claim. To prevent this from happening, injured workers are encouraged to retain a Wyoming construction accident lawyer who can assist them with the entire process. Frederick J. Harrison, P.C. is one law firm in Wyoming that has helped numerous construction accident victims recover the benefits and compensation they were due and are available to help anyone else who has recently been involved in a work accident.


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