Charleston, SC – When a person is hurt at work and files for workers compensation, there are some situations where the victim will be considered partially or totally disabled. Specific kinds of disability benefits may be available to qualifying workers through their company’s workers compensation insurance. Legal advice from a licensed attorney should always be obtained after a work related injury.

What is a work related disability?

This means that the worker has some kind of injury or health problem that prevents them from engaging in their normal job duties or completing certain tasks which may require the use of injured body parts. If the injury is severe enough and permanent, the worker may be considered completely disabled and no longer able to labor in their given field. Benefits that cover disabilities may pay part of the worker’s wages while they are not able to labor as normal. 

Different types of disability payments

Permanent total disabilities are the most severe kind of injuries that totally eliminate the person’s ability to work and earn income. To be eligible, the worker has to have a doctor certify that the person cannot work at all anymore due to their condition. The person may still be able to function as normal, but certain medical problems would make it impossible for the person to hold their prior job. Rules for determining what counts as a total disability can become complex and vary depending on where the injury happened. 

Temporary total disability is similar to permanent total disability, but the recovery process will complete and allow the person to return to work at some point. A doctor will usually give some kind of timeframe for when the worker can go back to their job after the injuries have healed. 

Temporary partial disabilities will usually mean that a person can work, but there are certain limitations and restrictions on what they can do while working. If this causes the worker to lose income, they may receive some kind of compensation benefits in the short term until their temporary disability is healed. 

Regular workers compensation benefits

If the worker is merely determined to be injured rather than disabled, they can still get normal workers compensation in most cases. There are still general rules and requirements to determine if the person was engaged in their legitimate normal job duties when the problem occurred, as well as formal documentation that must be completed. 

Local attorneys who can help

The Clekis Law Firm deals with various issues related to workers compensation in Charleston. Workers who want more information can contact the firm to find out what kind of benefits are available. 

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