After an individual has suffered an injury at work and cannot return to their previous job or field, the Reemployment Services Program will assist them with obtaining employment elsewhere. If an individual has suffered a compensable injury and is covered by the Florida Workers’ Compensation Law, the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation says they may be eligible to receive reemployment services. Some of the services the program offers to injured workers who are looking to get back to work include:

  • Help with resume writing
  • Training and education
  • Job search assistance
  • Job-seeking skills training


How does an individual in Miami apply for the Reemployment Services Program?


Before an injured worker can utilize program services, they must submit a “Request for Screening” application by clicking here. The individual should have the following information handy when filling out the online applications:

  • Where they worked over the last 15 years.
  • The date they were involved in a work accident or became ill.
  • Medical information that supports their inability to work.
  • Their social security number (SSN)
  • Educational background


Once the application is received and all required documentation has been submitted, the applicant will be contacted by a case manager. The case manager will confirm that the injury the employee suffered is compensable and covered by workers’ comp. If an individual is determined to be eligible to participate in the program, the following will be used to determine what services they will be entitled to receive:

  • Their age
  • Level of education
  • Work history
  • Their transferable skills, if any
  • Previous occupation
  • The type of injury they suffered
  • The average weekly wage they were receiving at the time of their injury.


How long can an injured worker receive workers’ comp before having to return to work?


Injured workers or those who became ill from working are entitled to receive Temporary Total and/or Temporary Partial Disability payments for no more than 104 weeks, according to the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation. However, if an injured worker’s physician has determined that their condition permits them to return to work, even if it is light duty, benefits may stop at that point.


How can an injured worker in Miami confirm they are receiving the proper benefits?


If an injured worker in Miami would like to confirm that their employer’s insurer is providing them with the right benefits, they can always contact Mario Trespalacios P.A. to discuss this with a Miami, FL workers’ compensation lawyer. Should an employee run into an issue regarding their workers’ comp claim or believe it isn’t being handled fairly, they are advised to contact Mario Trespalacios P.A. to learn more about how a workers’ compensation attorney in Miami can help them.


Mario Trespalacios P.A. can be contacted at:


9495 SW 72 Street, Suite B-275

Miami, FL 33173

Phone: 305-261-5800


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