Charleston, SCEmployers in South Carolina and other states are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance. This is meant to protect both the business and their workers against losses that may be caused by injuries that happen in the workplace. After an injury happens, the claim process is meant to verify the injuries, make sure the injuries qualify for workers compensation benefits, and pay the victim a certain percentage of their wages. Because there are some aspects of filing a claim and following up that may be confusing, legal representation is crucial throughout this process.   

Administrative details

Most workers compensation claim cases will start with paperwork that lists who was injured, where the incident took place, the time of day, and other important details. This is a way of formally documenting the injury and giving information that will be relevant to the insurance process and investigation later. A company usually has a certain department or individual who is designated to handle the administrative aspects of the claim and related matters. 

The verification process

Most employers or their insurers will have a doctor available who gives an independent evaluation of the victim’s injuries, as illegitimate claims can be costly for both the company and their insurer. This is done to prevent fraud, determine whether the person is actually injured, and see if their injury is severe enough to affect their ability to work. The doctor may also give an opinion about the severity of the injury, as well as potential disabilities and the person’s future ability to work in the same position. 

Qualifying injuries

In order for a worker to be eligible for benefits, they must have been working and performing their normal job duties at the time of the injury. This will generally exclude things like the commute to and from work, unpaid breaks, and other activities that would not qualify as job duties. 


Once a worker has completed the claim process and is determined to be eligible, they will be paid a certain amount through the compensation insurance. This amount can vary depending on the worker’s salary, whether they are totally or partially disabled, and other factors. There is also a time limit of benefits, where a worker will only be allowed to collect this money for a certain maximum timeframe, then the employee must seek out other sources of income even if they are still recovering from their injuries. 

South Carolina workers compensation law firms

The Clekis Law Firm handles all aspects of workers compensation claims. Injured workers can schedule a meeting with the firm to receive more information about their benefits and other important matters. 

Firm contact info:

The Clekis Law Firm

171 Church St., Charleston SC, 29401

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