Should Employers Forgo Workers’ Compensation InsuranceChicago, IL- Employees who injure themselves on the job have the legal right to seek compensation if their injury occurred on the job. Of course, workers’ compensation in Illinois covers injuries for a workplace accident. But did you know it also covers for repetitive motion injuries and injuries that are in part due to an employee’s negligence.

In order to be eligible for workers’ compensation in Illinois, your injury must have occurred on the job. Say for instance, you were on the clock when you slipped on a wet floor and broke a bone. Fortunately for you, since you were on the job, your injury or injuries are covered by workers’ compensation. On the other hand, if you slipped and fell while visiting your workplace on your day, your injuries are not covered by workers’ compensation—a personal injury suit may be possible but that should be left to an accident attorney to determine.

If you are truck driver and were injured in an accident or you were partly to blame for a workplace accident, you are still eligible for workers’ comp. There are some forms of misconduct that aren’t covered. For instance, a truck driver causes an accident and suffers major injuries while on the clock. That truck driver later tests positive for illicit drug use and they have their claim denied.

Repetitive motion injuries are also typical. These are injuries that occur or made worse by the repeat motions an employee does during the course of their work. Repetitive motion injuries are primarily affect the hands, wrists and arms. For instance, office workers who spend a great deal of time typing away on a keyboard can suffer carpal tunnel syndrome. Of course, any part of the body can suffer a repetitive motions injury like the back or knees.

Most workers have their workers’ compensation claims approved and soon begin receiving benefits. That’s an ideal situation but that isn’t the outcome for all injured workers. Sometimes there are instances in which a worker’s compensation claim is denied. Perhaps your employer questions the validity of your claim or claim your injury is a pre-existing condition. Whatever the reason you have the right to appeal your claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and have then reexamine your claim.

Whether your workplace injury was an accident or the result of negligence, it’s always smart to enlist a workers’ compensation lawyer in Chicago, Illinois to help you with your claim. The assistance of legal counsel will ensure you don’t miss any crucial filing deadlines or make any errors that could jeopardize your claim or benefit amount. Appealing a workers’ compensation denial can be a long and complex process and you need someone working for your interests. Let USAttorneys connect you with an employment lawyer near you for their unparalleled advice.