Charleston, SC – If someone was recently hurt at work, the process to report an injury and be paid for lost wages can be confusing. This is especially true if the person has never had to file a workers compensation claim before. However, there are a few common pieces of advice that can help most workers who find themselves in this situation. 

Deadlines and filing requirements

Many workers compensation claims must be filed within a month or less after the incident. For this reason, the worker should try to report their injury and follow all other relevant procedures within the first few days afterward. The victim should also check to see if the formal documentation has been filled out and filed properly, as simply telling the employer does not guarantee that there will be a proper completion of this process. 

Adverse actions taken against the injured worker

Some workplaces can be seen as ruthless in regards to workers who take any kind of legal action. Employees may fear that making a formal compensation claim will result in some kind of retaliation, such as a job loss or poor performance reviews. However, the employer generally does not have to pay these claims directly, because they are already required by law to pay into the state’s workers compensation insurance system. 

Medical issues

In most situations, getting checked by a general physician will not be covered through workers compensation insurance. The victim needs to go to a specific doctor that is approved to handle work injuries for the company. Some injured workers have tried to go to their own primary care doctor, only to discover that they must pay the bill on their own or through their private insurance company. There is also the possibility that the doctor can recommend that the claim is denied if they believe that the injury is being faked or the work is embellishing their situation. 

Specific problems that are not covered

Other issues that are not covered here are likely to emerge at some point during the claim process. Any other questions about the steps to follow through with the claim and receive various types of compensation should be directed to a licensed attorney. It is possible that more complex issues are implicated by a specific claim, and these issues can require legal advice to sort out. 

Workers compensation firms in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm handles work injury and workers compensation cases in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Anyone who has recently become the victim of a workplace accident can speak with an attorney at the firm to learn more about the compensation claim process and other related issues. 

Firm contact info:

The Clekis Law Firm

171 Church St., Charleston SC, 29401

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