Why hire a Washington worker’s compensation attorney?

Most employers in the state of Washington are required to provide worker’s compensation benefits in the event one of their employees sustains an injury while working. There are some employers who are excluded and are not required to carry this type of insurance coverage, though most do. Worker’s compensation insurance is designed to protect employers from being sued by workers who get injured or develop an illness from an unsafe work environment. While most workers are covered and entitled to these benefits, certain people are excluded. Some include:


  • A domestic worker in a private home unless there are two or more employees working 40 hours or more. If this is the case, all of the workers must be covered.
  • An individual who is hired to do gardening, maintenance, repair, or similar work at an employer’s private home. This would not include someone who was hired to do home improvements or upgrades.
  • Someone who is not a regular employee of the trade, business, or profession of the employer and is not working at the employer’s private home. This would be someone who was hired to perform a personal errand that benefits the employer but not the business.
  • A person who is working in return for aid or sustenance from a charitable or religious organization.
  • A horse-race jockey who is participating in a racing meet.
  • Certain musicians and entertainers.
  • “An employee whose work activity is covered through the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act, Longshoremen’s and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, Jones Act, or Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters Compensation Plan” according to the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.

Although there are several more types of jobs that wouldn’t permit the worker to obtain worker’s compensation benefits, it is important that all employees are familiar with their rights and what they are in fact entitled to receive should they get hurt at work.

If you recently engaged in an accident while on the job and aren’t sure how to even begin receiving benefits that will cover your medical expenses, consider speaking with one of our licensed worker’s compensation attorneys in Washington featured on our site.


Worker’s compensation lawyers can assist with a number of different things including:

  • Discussing the procedures you are expected to follow after your accident.
  • Help you determine what type of paperwork needs to be submitted so that your claim is handled properly and fairly.
  • Provide you with a legal hand in the event your employer isn’t filing your claim.
  • Take your employer to court should they not be paying you for the incurred expenses you are expected to be compensated for.

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