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Do You Need To File A Workers Compensation Claim In Virginia

If you live in the state of Virginia and have been injured while at work or developed an illness because of the harmful environment you work in, there are certain steps you need to take following the incident. You should first report your injury to your employer immediately and next, file a claim with the Virginia’s Workers’ Compensation Commission no later than two weeks following the accident. You would follow the same steps if you have been diagnosed with a disease you developed from work.

If you recently learned of an illness or did in fact sustain an injury, you might be experiencing the many unpleasant aspects that come along with dealing with an injury. For instance, you might be out of work or required to attend weekly rehabilitation or physical therapy visits. These are only some of the expenses that should be factored into your payments, and if they aren’t you might need to take on some legal help. is committed to helping you, an injured worker in Virginia, find and retain a knowledgeable VA worker’s compensation lawyer in your city who can give you the answers to the questions you have and clarify anything you might need.


How long do I have to report my work-related injury to my employer?

While it would be ideal right after it occurs, sometimes individuals become sick or ill and aren’t sure why. It might take a doctor’s visit or two before you are diagnosed with a condition that is directly related to you working at the place you do. The Commission suggests you report your injury or illness no later than 30 days from the date the incident occurs or within 30 days from when your doctor indicated you are suffering from a work injury. Your employer is also obligated to file a report indicating the type of accident or disease with the Commission within 10 days of being notified by you.

If you fail to report your injury in this timeframe, you run the risk of it being denied. If you are currently dealing with this situation or any other involving your work-related injury, give us call now so you can discuss this matter with a worker’s compensation attorney in Virginia who may be able to provide a solution to your problem.


How can you protect your rights as an employee in the state of Virginia?

To ensure the Commission is made aware of your injury or illness, get your claim filed directly with them. This alerts them that you were involved in an accident and that you are exercising your rights. Once you do this, you should receive additional information from the Commission including:

  1. A Jurisdiction Claim Number (JCN)
  2. A PIN number


How can I file my worker’s compensation claim?

You have four different ways to do this.

  1. In person- You will need to complete the Claim for Benefits Form and deliver it to a location that is closest to you. You can obtain a full list of these locations by clicking here.
  2. Through the mail- Complete the same form as mentioned above and mail it to:

Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission

1000 DMV Drive

Richmond, VA 23220

  1. By faxing the form to 804-367-6124.
  2. Through their website- Using the JCN and PIN number provided, create a WebFile account and file your claim through there.


Should I hire a worker’s compensation lawyer in VA?

Sometimes, a worker’s injuries are so severe they aren’t able to follow through with the necessary requirements which is why we recommend you schedule your free consultation with one of our featured lawyers found right here on our site.