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In most worker’s compensation cases, an injured worker is required to attend an Independent Medical Examination (IME). This is a medical exam that is scheduled by your employer or its insurance company who is responsible for handling your claim. The purpose of this exam is to address a medical issue or any issues that involve your work injury. These exams help determine some of the following information:

  • Whether your injury or current medical condition is related to work. Sometimes individuals develop a condition or illness and blame it on their job without considering any outside factors.
  • Whether you have been provided with maximum medical improvement (MMI).
  • To determine if a procedure or type of treatment is necessary.
  • Decide if you are suffering from a permanent impairment. While some work injuries aren’t as severe as others, depending on the field you work in, there are cases where injuries have led to disabilities and impairments.

Our Vermont worker’s compensation attorneys point out from Vermont’s Department of Labor site that a worker must attend this IME if you have been given seven days’ notice and there is in fact a viable medical question that needs answering. In the event you have been asked to attend more than one of these exams, you have the option of contacting the Worker’s Compensation and Safety Division ahead of time where you can learn whether or not this is necessary for you to attend.


What exactly is maximum medical improvement(MMI) and medical end result (MER)?

You may have heard these terms thrown around by your treating physician and basically what it means to have reached MMI is that you have plateaued in your recovery and it is expected for you to improve in any significant way. Basically, you have come to the end of your treatment or nothing more can be done and your wage benefits may be discontinued under your worker’s compensation claim.

Now, if you haven’t yet reached that point because you need a surgical procedure or further treatment, you are not considered to have reached MMI yet.


Am I able to choose which doctor I see for the duration of my medical treatment? 

Initially your employer, or their insurance carrier, is going to select the doctor you see for your first visit. Once that visit is over and done with, you do have the option of requesting to change physicians. Form 8 is the correct form to use when attempting to change doctors but you are going to need to provide a good reason as to why you want to switch.

As a worker’s compensation claimant, you need to be sure you are following through with the requirements on your end to ensure your benefits are paid out in a timely fashion and you aren’t at risk of losing them.

Here at, we understand how serious and life changing work accidents can be which is why we want to make sure you are fully prepared to handle all the responsibilities that are headed your way. One of the most beneficial things any work injury victim can do is consult with a local Vermont worker’s compensation attorney. While you may not need to hire them right now, it is always a good idea to gain to insight and information on what your rights are, whether you are handling your claim properly, and what you can do if your employer isn’t cooperating.

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