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When inured on the job, you are not required to pay for the medical treatment for the injuries you have suffered from while at work or on the clock. In the state of Tennessee, an employer who carries worker’s compensation insurance is accountable for getting your work injury claim filed through their insurance company and done so in a timely manner. When it comes to choosing which physician you want to treat you, your employer should provide you with a panel of at least three doctors to choose from that are nearby to you.

Our Tennessee worker’s compensation lawyers also want you to keep in mind that these physicians must accept worker’s compensation insurance in order for your employer’s insurance carrier to pay for the treatment. Your employer should provide you with the list of these health care providers on an “Agreement between Employer/Employee Choice of Physician” form, which is recognized as Form C-42. After you read through your choices, you are going to want to select one doctor form the list and this is who you will schedule visits with regularly to help begin recovering from your work-related injury. They will become your authorized treating physician and is the person you want to go to when seeking any sort of medical treatment.

Now, if you require emergency treatment, and sometimes this does occur, your doctor may not be available to care for you when you need it. Therefore, if you do need emergency medical treatment contact your employer and inform them of this right away.


Tips for an Injured Employee Seeking Workers Compensation Benefits

The Tennessee Worker’s Compensation Department also advises any injured worker to maintain a copy of your signed Form C-42 for your records. Should any issue arise where compensation wasn’t paid out because the insure claimed you received treatment from a doctor that wasn’t on the list, you want to have your proof to fall back on that will protect you.

You are entitled to receive treatment from the specified physician for as long as they deem necessary. If the treating doctor releases you, then you may no longer be covered under your worker’s compensation claim, unless you didn’t feel the doctor was providing you with adequate treatment and you elected to see another doctor. Before doing this, you must speak with your employer and even a worker’s compensation attorney in Tennessee to ensure you aren’t jeopardizing your benefits.

Something else worker’s compensation claimants should know is that if you are required to travel more than 15 miles for treatment, you are eligible to be reimbursed for this travel mileage.


What if an Issue Arises with my Worker’s Compensation Claim?

Unfortunately, they sometimes do and our Tennessee worker’s compensation attorneys found on our site can supply you with the information you are going to need to help resolve your dispute. Sometimes it is a simple misunderstanding, but other times, the insurance company may be failing to provide benefits for the treatment you need to have rendered. If this is the case, you are going to want legal counsel to step in and make it known that this isn’t acceptable.

If you wish to find a worker’s compensation lawyer in the state of TN that is practicing nearby to you, give us a call and we will work patiently with you to find a professional who is suitable to handle your matter.