Hire a South Carolina Attorney Who Specializes in Worker’s Compensation Law

If you have sustained an injury while on the clock at work, then you probably have already notified your employer about the accident. Most employers in the state of South Carolina are required to carry this type of insurance protection in the event these incidents occur, with some exceptions of course. But, if you have already reported your incident and a claim has been filed on your behalf through your employer’s insurer, then you should be receiving the funds to cover any accrued medical expenses along with the loss of wages you may have experienced.

While it sounds like a smooth process, and some are, there are those that aren’t. Sometimes, employers don’t report the accident and have you waiting to receive any sort of compensation meanwhile you have already come out of pocket to cover the costs of the medical treatments. In other cases, your employer’s insurance carrier only covered a portion of the medical care you had rendered and you are still in the negative as you have had to come out of pocket.

If this is the situation you are currently dealing with, you should know that there are certain actions that can be taken to combat this unfair treatment you are receiving. After all, you didn’t ask to get hurt and you surely didn’t want to spend days or even weeks out of work which has reduced your steady flow of income.


What Are My Options?

There are two things you can do to contest the decision your employer has made or that of their insurance company. You can apply for a hearing, hire one of our reputable SC worker’s compensation attorneys, or do both.


What is a Hearing? 

You have the right to apply for a hearing if you feel your claim isn’t being handled fairly or your employer is refusing to submit your claim. The worker’s compensation commissioners will conduct a hearing to resolve any dispute that has arisen between you and your employer’s representative. You can do this by downloading Form 50 by clicking here and submit it to the designated department. Don’t forget to check box 13b. which indicates you want to request a hearing, and there is a $25 fee that must be paid to do this.

Another option you have is to allow one of our agents to get you paired up with a trustworthy and dedicated worker’s compensation lawyer in your city. You need someone who is going to work diligently on your case and won’t take no for an answer. You need a professional who is going to stop at nothing until you receive the compensation you both require and deserve. The featured legal representative on our site can provide this type of service to you and much more.

We encourage you to give us a call today and get you on your way to scheduling your free consultation.