South Carolina police chief is shot in hand while performing gun maintenance

Charleston, SC – Any job that requires the use of guns or other weapons can potentially be dangerous. Even if an injury is self inflicted, it is certainly possible that a person who is working with a firearm may be hurt. Regardless of the reason for the injury, all employers in the state are required to carry workers compensation insurance and their employees are eligible for benefits. This means that the person who was hurt can potentially file a claim to receive their lost wages as well as additional benefits.

The Post and Courier reported on an accident that involved a police chief who was shot while cleaning his gun at the local public safety facility [1].

Police chief shoots himself while cleaning gun

The public became aware of the injury when the Isle of Palms police chief attended a meeting with his left hand bandaged. He had apparently discharged a firearm and injured himself while cleaning the gun somewhere inside of the police station. The meeting in question was for a different topic, and no officers or others present had initially said anything about the chief’s injury or how it had happened. After being questioned later, the city administrator said that she did not have any other details and directed all inquiries to the Isle of Palms police. 

After an email response, the department was told that there would be an internal investigation to determine exactly how the chief got injured. State level law enforcement will ultimately be in charge of reviewing the info they receive from the local department and any recommendations or disciplinary actions that are taken. 

Dangerous jobs

The reality of certain jobs is that they are more dangerous than others. Police and security guards may have to work with firearms and arrive in dangerous situations. Other occupations may involve work with heavy machinery, hazardous materials, or spending lots of time in traffic. All of these kinds of jobs have an elevated risk of a workplace accident. Depending on the specifics of the accident, the injured worker may be eligible for workers compensation benefits. This means that they can collect a percentage of their wages while they recover, and certain other costs like medical bills and those related to additional training may be covered as well. 

Workers compensation lawyers in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm can handle all aspects of the workers compensation process for an injured employee in the Charleston area. Their attorneys can provide more information about making a claim or taking other legal actions if necessary. 

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