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If you are an injured worker in the state of Rhode Island, it is important you are made aware of a few things as you don’t want to lose out on compensation that could possibly help you get through this difficult time. While some work-related injuries heal within a short period of time, others have you out of work for weeks or even months.

Therefore, if you injured your leg and can’t move for three to five weeks, how are you going to pay the bills? Who is going to get all your paperwork filed to ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to? Well, USAttorneys specializes in finding accident victims the right worker’s compensation lawyer who assist with this and more.


What are Your Responsibilities as an Employee Seeking Worker’s Compensation Benefits?

If you were just involved in an accident, you must report the incident to your employer. Whether it is a boss, manager, or supervisor, they all hold managerial positions that are capable of guiding you to the next step in the process of getting you the compensation you need. You also want to seek medical attention immediately to avoid causing your injury or condition to worsen.

Once your employer is made aware, they have some time limits they need to abide by which is something you want to keep track of. Perhaps marking the important dates on your calendar will serve as a reminder for you to check in and see when your benefits are active and available for use. With that in mind, if your injury incapacitates you from earning full wages for at least three consecutive days or your injury did in fact require medical treatment, your employer does need to submit a First Report of Injury form. This form goes through the Rhode Island Division of Worker’s Compensation and they have 10 days to get that form filed from the date the injury occurred or their knowledge of it.

In some cases, injuries can take a turn for the worst and death can arise. So, if you are seeking benefits on behalf of your loved one for their wrongful death, the employer does need to file the form within 48 hours of knowing that the injury was fatal. Wrongful death claims are much more serious, therefore, you do want to employ a worker’s compensation attorney in Rhode Island to represent you and your family.


In the event you have further questions regarding what your responsibilities are as an injury victim, you can speak with a featured Rhode Island worker’s compensation lawyer found right here on our site or you can contact the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training by calling 401-462-8100.

Remember, while this department can help you ensure your employer takes responsibility of the situation, our lawyers will fight for adequate benefits to be awarded as insurance companies don’t always provide work injury victims with what it is they are entitled to.