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In the state of Pennsylvania, most workers are covered under what is known as a worker’s compensation insurance policy. Although exceptions exist, you are going to want to look into whether or not your current position places you in exemption from receiving benefits, however, chances are you more than likely already have them.  These benefits are provided for worker’s in the event an accident occurs at work and they are left injured, whether it be a small wound or a debilitating condition. Either way, your work-related injury should be compensated for along with the medical treatment that is required to help heal you and get you back working.

Many jobs that entail construction-type duties are usually the ones where most worker’s compensation claims come from. Construction workers often are placed in situations where the rusk involved with the job is rather high, however, it is the duty of the employer to ensure the worker is safe and has adequate training.

In the event your employer has failed in some way that has led up to your accident and you are now looking to collect worker’s compensation insurance benefits, it may be wise for you to consult with one of our highly educated worker’s compensation attorneys in Pennsylvania who will simply review with you the basics of this type of case and determine if their help is needed. You have to remember that sometimes, employers aren’t wanting their employees to file a claim. Other times, the insurance company isn’t exactly writing checks left and right for claimants at amounts that are actually fair.

Therefore, if you have already filed your claim and feel your matter isn’t being handled properly, let one of our recommended  PA worker’s compensation lawyers take a look at the details and provide you with some useful advice and feedback.


Worker’s Compensation Act of Pennsylvania

Each state in the U.S. has its own laws governing the types of training and restrictions that are placed on the type of work certain employees are able to take part in. For instance, those who don’t have proper training in laying the foundation of a building shouldn’t be operating the heavy machinery that is required to do so unless they have specifically been trained to do this. Accidents often occur in situations where experience is lacking, which can be a major issue when injuries occur in the work environment.

Looking at one chapter of the act, you can see how this legal document protects Pennsylvania workers in the event their employer places them in an environment they weren’t exactly qualified to be in.

Let’s look at those who work with hoisting and lowering equipment, such as elevators. § 7.12. states that “passenger or freight elevators, except when operated by automatic control or double-button control, shall be operated by authorized persons who have received instruction in the proper operation thereof.” The statute proceeds on to highlight that nobody under the age of 18 is permitted to operate an elevator and has been selected for the position based on his/her ability to perform the duties in a careful and competent manner.

While this is only one statute that highlights the requirements employers are expected to abide by, most jobs that are risky or dangerous do require someone to be trained and possess the necessary knowledge to get the job done.


Do You Feel Your Employer Caused the Accident?

If you believe your employer placed you in a situation that has led to your injuries, give us a call today. One of our agents will pair you up with a Pennsylvanian worker’s compensation lawyer who can further assist you and get you scheduled for your free consultation to discuss this matter.