Pennsylvania, What Injured Workers Need to Know About Workers’ Insurance 

Anyone who sustains a serious work injury or they develop a work-related injury is entitled to receive compensation for the harm they experience. This compensation is granted through the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act and provides for both wage-loss compensations as well as the medical expenses incurred while trying to recover from the injury. If a person loses their life due to their work, then death benefits will also be paid to their surviving dependents.

Almost every worker in Pennsylvania is covered by this Act. Employers are required to provide workers’ compensation coverage to their employees, even if they are only working part-time. There are many requirements of the Act and they must be adhered to by all companies. Anyone who was hurt at work but is not being treated fairly by their employer should get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible so they can get help with their case without delay. No one should have to fight for their basic rights, but unfortunately, it often comes to this. The good news is that individuals can push back and get the compensation they deserve if they create a strong legal case and follow all the necessary requirements. 

It is important to keep in mind that workers’ compensation will only be granted when the injury or death was unintentional. As long as the harm was caused accidentally then there is a chance of getting compensated for one’s losses. If the injury sustained at work was alcohol-related then it is possible that it will not be covered either. 

How to Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Pittsburgh, PA?

The best way to ensure that individuals get fairly compensated for their work-related injury is by promptly reporting the accident. Any delay in reporting the accident will make it harder to prove that the injury was sustained at work and not caused by any other activity outside of the workplace. One’s employer should be notified of the injury right away. Employees, who take a long time to file their claim will have to wait longer to get their benefits.

The employer has a responsibility to respond swiftly and provide help to their employees right away once they have been involved in a work-related accident. If employees are not getting a helpful response and they are being ignored or overlooked, they need to get in touch with a lawyer soon so they get assistance with their case.

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