Pennsylvania, Understanding the History of the Workers’ Compensation Act

The Workers’ Compensation Act was first enacted in Pennsylvania in 1915. The purpose of the act was to provide specific details and instructions on how to compensate employees who were hurt while at work. Amendments were made to this act to merge compensation for injuries with occupational diseases. The act now clearly outlines the benefits available to injured workers as well as the procedures workers must go through to obtain these benefits. (1)

Workers’ compensation is not just for the worker but works in favor of the employer as well. The act protects both employees and employers. Employers still have to provide the costs for the coverage, but they are thoroughly protected against direct lawsuits from their employees. Employees obtain medical treatment and are properly compensated for the lost wages that are associated with work-related injuries and diseases.

Anyone who was hurt at work should make sure they get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible so they can learn more about filing a workers’ compensation claim and so they can get help with the legal process.

Pennsylvania Law Requires Most Employers to Offer Workers’ Compensation Coverage 

Employers who fail to have the required workers’ compensation available for their employees can be subject to very serious legal penalties. Such employers may face lawsuits from their employees or criminal prosecution as well.

There are some employers who are exempted from workers’ compensation coverage. These rare cases include those employers whose employees are covered by other compensation acts such as federal employees and railroad workers.

In most cases, employers have to make sure they obtain workers’ compensation insurance by going to a licensed insurance carrier in Pennsylvania. Employers may also request if they can self-insure their liability.

Employees should know their rights in the workplace and that they are covered for the entire period of their employment. Coverage should begin from the first day of the job, and any diseases that are caused or aggravated during their time at work should be covered. Anyone who is refused this right, or feels they are not being treated right should make sure they get in touch with a lawyer to learn more and to get assistance with their case.

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