Painter James Grupinski has filed a complaint saying that he vomited and bled from his eyes and anus after he was forced to continue work on Google CEO Larry Page’s yacht. Google that!

Grupinski has filed a case in court against Page, Modern Mud, and HF Interior for personal injuries in the Alameda County Court. According to Grupinski’s lawyer, Abraham Feinstein-Hillsman, the 193-foot yacht named Senses Georgetown is owned by Page.

According to suit filed in court, the defendants had hired Grupinski to repaint, remodel, and refinish the interior of the yacht. Grupinski has said that he worked 12-hour days in cramped spaces with inadequate ventilation and had to use noxious chemicals to paint the Fiberglas he was asked to use by his employers.

Inadequate Safety Equipment

Grupinski has further claimed that the safety equipment provided was inadequate. He has said that he asked his supervisor for better gloves and filters, but was not provided with the same. Then why did he not complain right then?

Refusal to Address Complaints

Grupinski’s suit also says that when he approached his supervisor Heidi about the lack of safety equipment and poor ventilation she told him to get back to work saying they would otherwise hire someone else for the job. Wow, that is not very professional! Where are you at on that Page? What is the keyword for acting rude and being a tyrant?

Grupinski then approached another supervisor for HF Interior and complained about Heidi, saying he wanted to quit. The supervisor persuaded him to stay on promising that Heidi would be replaced as crew leader. Instead, Heidi remained and accused him of back stabbing her. She then asked Grupinski to redo the work he had already done. Another HF Interior supervisor then gave him a paint stripper, Parks Pro Liquid Paint Stripper, which Grupinski later found out had been withdrawn by the manufacturer for at least a decade because it was toxic.

Nice yacht! People should not be treated like that though.

Nice yacht! People should not be treated like that though.

Is this for real!?

After four hours working with this paint stripper other workers found Grupinski unconscious. When he was hauled on to the deck and regained consciousness, he started vomiting and bleeding from his eyes, ears, and anus. When he then asked his supervisors to take him to a hospital he was asked to stop being a baby and get back to work.

Is this America!?

Grupinski was fired the next day and was not permitted to fill in an accident report form.

Long Term Effects

Grupinski’s suit claims that he continues to suffer from the effects of exposure to the toxic fumes. He has had to receive emergency and continuing treatment for seizures, neuropathy, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, neurotoxicity, diabetes, early onset Alzheimer’s, and supra umbilical hernias.

Obtaining Compensation

When an employee is exposed to hazardous conditions at the workplace and sustains injuries or suffers from health problems as a result, they should retain the services of an experienced workers compensation attorney who can file a suit against the employers and obtain the rightful compensation due to them.

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure that the workplace is safe and that employees are provided with adequate safety gear for the work they are expected to do. If this is not provided, employees should retain the services of a workers compensation lawyer who can help them obtain the compensation they deserve.

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