Minneapolis, MN workers' compensation lawyerBaltimore, MD- Employees are much safer today than they were decades ago, but that doesn’t mean U.S. workplaces are accident-free. In fact, over 10,000 workers were seriously injured in workplaces last year according to new data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

OSHA collected data from 26 states and found that 30 workers suffer severe injuries every day in the American workplace. Those severe injuries often include amputations which accounted for 2,644 of the 10,388 serious injuries that occurred in 2015, according to statistics from OSHA.

KUTV reports that manufacturing industry accounted for 57 percent of amputations. That is because the large and high-powered equipment used in manufacturing which has three areas that can pose as an amputation hazard. According to OSHA, those three areas of manufacturing equipment were an amputation can occur are:

The point of operation- OSHA describes the point of operation as “the area of a machine

where it performs work on material.”

Belts, flywheels, chains, gears, pulleys, cams and other mechanisms that power a piece of machinery.

Other parts of a manufacturing equipment with moving parts.

OSHA says employers can protect employees from amputation by identifying and managing amputation hazards. Employee training and safe work practices can prevent amputation hazards. Legally, employers have a duty to protect their employees from workplace hazards and injuries.

Only, many employers ignore safety hazards and about 50 percent of workplace injuries in 26 States go unreported, and therefore safety concerns are not addressed.

“Too often, we would investigate a fatal injury only to find a history of serious injuries at the same workplace. Each of those injuries was a wake-up call for safety that went unheeded,” OSHA said in a statement, according to KUTV.

Employers in Maryland can shield themselves from a workers’ compensation claim by taking the necessary steps to make a workplace safer. Safety equipment and thorough training are two steps that can prevent a workplace accident.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, USAttorneys recommends that you speak with a workers’ compensation attorney in Maryland to explain the steps you need to take to ensure your claim result in just benefits. Typical workers’ compensation benefits include benefits for your medical care, rehabilitative care, and lost wages. If an injury results in an amputation or leads to disfigurement or permanent disability, you may be eligible for long-term benefits or social security disability.

After you seek medical attention, you must report the injury to your employer; they are responsible for filing the initial claim and get the benefits process started. Once you’ve reported your injury, we urge you to contact the Injury Law Center and speak with one of their workers’ compensation lawyers to guide you through the process and keep you from jeopardizing your claim. If you are a victim of a workplace accident, let USAttorneys help you find a lawyer to protect your interests and secure the benefit amount you deserve.