Who is Eligible for Worker’s Compensation Benefits in the State of Oklahoma?

If you have recently become injured while on the job and are looking to file a worker’s compensation claim but aren’t sure if you are eligible to do so, provided below is some important information that may apply to you.

Worker’s compensation insurance is available to any employee whose employer carries adequate coverage when a worker does in fact get injured while on the clock. Although some industries are known to have a higher rate of claims filed each year, regardless of the field you are in, if your job title permits you to receive compensation and benefits and your employer has met their duty to carry the insurance coverage, then you can proceed on with filing your claim.

Some of the job titles that generally aren’t covered under worker’s compensation include:

  • Independent contractors
  • Certain agriculture workers
  • Certain persons providing services administered by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services
  • Any person employed by an employer with 5 or fewer employees

If you have questions pertaining to your injury and wish to learn more about what you are entitled to receive and how much, our reputable and knowledgeable worker’s compensation attorneys featured right here on USAttorneys can help you get the answers you desire.


When Will I Qualify for Temporary Total Disability (TTD)?

TTD is available to employees who have incurred an injury at work and have been out of work for more than seven calendar days due to the injury. A court can grant TTD benefits to an injury victim after the waiting period unless it has been determined that you were totally disabled for more than 21 days according to the Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation Court of Existing Claims. In that case, you can be reimbursed from day one. If you are looking to gain this compensation and want to increase your chances of obtaining this income, consult with one of our worker’s compensation lawyers first to learn what you can do to make this happen.


How Are TTD income Benefits Determined?

For the employees who have been out of work due to their injury for seven calendar days, they are expected to receive weekly benefits that is equivalent to 70% of their average weekly earnings, up to the maximum set by law.  The maximum is equal to the state’s average weekly wage.

If you are wondering what the maximum allowable weekly TTD benefits are, call one of the recommended worker’s compensation attorneys in OK found on our site and they can better help you determine these amounts.


Why Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer Who Specializes in Worker’s Compensation?

Although the state has laws that your employer is required to abide by, sometimes it is determined that your claim may be worth less than you think or the time period you wish to receive coverage for has been cut short. Our attorneys are aggressive and won’t back down. If your job was the cause of your injury, then they need to provide you with the medical benefits and compensation you require.

To learn about all the various ways our respectable and top notch worker’s compensation attorneys in OK can help you, give us a call today.