North Charleston man killed by machines in car parts factory

Charleston, SC – Some industries where workers are constantly in contact with heavy machinery can be very dangerous. Just a minor mistake can have fatal results if the person is seriously hurt on the job. In these situations, the victim or their family should get legal advice and decide how to respond. There may be benefits available through the workers compensation system, or compensation available through an injury lawsuit. 

Count on News 2 reported on the death of a worker in North Charleston involving machinery [1].

Man is killed while working with machines to assemble car parts

The incident happened at MAHLE Behr, which is where various car parts are assembled. Rescue crews from the North Charleston Fire Department responded to the facility at approximately 11:00 pm on a Monday night. They had received a call that a worker was stuck in a machine that was used by employees. The fire apartment workers freed the man from the machinery after some time, and medical personnel from Charleston County EMS started to treat his injuries.  

The victim died at the hospital later, and he was confirmed by the local coroner to be a 56 year old male from North Charleston. The company that employed the man said they are working to investigate what happened in the time period leading up to the incident. There was also an ongoing OSHA investigation at the time of the news report. No information was given whether any foul play was suspected or if there will be criminal charges. 

Fatal workplace accidents

As a general rule, people who are injured while performing job tasks are eligible to receive benefits through the workers compensation system. This can include a percentage of lost income and wages, as well as medical treatment costs. In cases where the workplace accident proves to be fatal the victim’s family may want to speak to an attorney about filing a wrongful death lawsuit. The employer can be financially responsible, and they may have to pay the family damages related to things like the person’s projected future income and costs of their funeral and burial. The lawyer can provide more specific advice about the best course of action for a favorable outcome during a consultation. 

Workers compensation attorneys in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm works with people who have been injured on the job in the Charleston area and need workers compensation benefits. They can provide more specific advice during an initial meeting. 

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