In most places of employment, when an individual becomes injured while on the job, they are entitled to receive treatment for their injuries which are paid through under a worker’s compensation claim. While this is common in most jobs, the NFL (National Football League) has its own particular policies that are a little bit different. But, that may change as many former players in the NFL are filing a lawsuit to get some of these policies modified.

Workers' Comp Claim Denied

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In recent news, it was broadcasted that 38 former NFL players filed a federal court case “to force the NFL to recognize chronic traumatic encephalopathy(CTE) as a covered disease under workers’ compensation” according to the Insurance Journal. Although the original filing for this change was done jointly, that case has been withdrawn and now the players are filing their own individual workers’ compensation claims.


CTE is a serious disease that many football players and even boxers develop. The individuals who are generally diagnosed with this disease suffered concussions repeatedly along with traumatic brain injuries. The Brain Injury Research Institute describes some of the common symptoms of CTE as follows:

  • Loss of memory
  • Difficulty with controlling impulsive or erratic behavior
  • Impaired judgement
  • Difficult with balance
  • Development of dementia
  • Feelings of aggression and depression

CTE often affects individuals on a long-term basis and can ultimately change their lifestyle along with that of their loved ones. Because of the severity of this condition, these NFL former players are demanding a change come into play where they receive compensation for the injuries they have and will continue to suffer from.

One of the reasons why these players have elected to file their own claims under workers’ comp is that is less risky. The players all come from different states and teams and claim that “they developed CTE as a result of head injuries they suffered while playing in NFL games.” The players insist there is scientific evidence that proves there is “a connection between CTE and head trauma but that the NFL has denied the science and the link while promoting “junk science” and refusing to pay CTE-related claims.”

Now, with the help, guidance and support of their workers’ compensation lawyers, these players are looking to get the funds they deserve for the struggles they have endured and can pave a new way for other NFL players who suffer from CTE as well.

Although you would think an employer would want to take responsibility for an employee’s injuries, not always do they want to be liable. If you were injured at work and your employer has denied you workers’ compensation benefits, you may want to hire a Birmingham, AL workers’ comp attorney should you live in the state.

Worker’s compensation is designed to supply the necessary funds for treatment when a worker is harmed and when an employer wrongfully denies their employees of this, they should be held accountable.