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A workplace accident can result in a catastrophic injury that is permanently disabling and leaves worker incapable of working another day in their life. Close to one in four American workers will be disabled before they reach age 65. When you suffer a permanent injury, you need to know how to get the short-term and long-term benefits you need.

Applying for Workers’ Compensation in New Mexico

If you were injured on the job, workers’ compensation would cover your medical expenses and lost wages and other expenses you incur. To apply for workers’ compensation, you need to:

Get medical attention

Notify your employer

Follow your doctor’s orders

Your employer is responsible for filing your claim with their workers’ compensation lawyer, so you need to inform them of your injury are soon as possible. You will begin receiving benefits for your medical expenses and missed time from work and will continue to receive them until you are released

Send correspondence to New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration at the address below.

2410 Centre Avenue SE

P.O. Box 27198

Albuquerque, NM 87125-7198

Disability Benefits in New Mexico

Unfortunately, not all workers recover from their injuries and are permanently impaired. They will never completely recover from their injuries, and their limitations persist for the remainder of their lives. In these instances, a worker can seek disability compensation.

Permanent Partial Disability- Permanent total disability is awarded to workers who are partially impaired but still able to work.

Permanent Total Disability- These benefits are awarded to workers who will not be able to work for the rest of their lives.

Social Security Disability- If you are incapacitated by your injury, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

Claim Disputes in New Mexico

It is possible that worker’s compensation will deny your request for disability benefits and you will have to fight to get your benefits. A denial may be disheartening, but you can dispute an insurer’s or employer’s decision. If you were denied benefits by a workers’ compensation insurer, you could do the following:

Call an ombudsman to speak with an insurer to resolve simple problems

You can hire a worker’s compensation lawyer in New Mexico to protect your interests and initiate an appeal.

File a complaint with New Mexico’s workers’ compensation court and request a mediation conference.

You also have the option of going to trial in the workers’ compensation court if mediation conference doesn’t work.

Getting disability benefits can be extremely difficult, so you should speak with a worker’s compensation and disability lawyer in New Mexico. has an experienced and dedicated team of attorneys who can help you get the benefits you need. Before you make any important decisions about your case, set up a consultation and learn your options for getting disability. Our dedicated legal team is very knowledgeable about New Mexico’s worker compensation laws and won’t stop fighting for you until you recover the benefits you deserve.