Were You Injured at Work in New Hampshire?

An accident in the workplace can be enormous upheaval in a worker’s life and can have devastating financial consequences. According to statistics from OSHA, almost half of the workplace illnesses and injuries reported in 2015 in private industries involved missed days from work, job transfer, or work restrictions. For injured workers, medical expenses and wage loss make up the bulk of their accident costs, so they need to know what their workers’ compensation benefits will cover.

Basics of Worker’s Compensation Claims in New Hampshire

Before you can begin receiving benefits, you need to determine if you are eligible for workers’ compensation. You can apply for workers’ comp if you are a permanent or seasonal employee who works either part-time or full-time.

You are NOT eligible for workers’ comp benefits if you are a/an:

Independent contractor


If you didn’t get medical treatment right away, you need to so now without any further delay. You can notify your employer, and they can direct you to a hospital or urgent care in your company’s network.

Below is a list of hospitals and urgent care facilities in New Hampshire:

St Joseph Hospital

172 Kinsley St, Nashua, NH 03060


Portsmouth Regional Hospital

333 Borthwick Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801


Hampstead Hospital

218 East Rd, Hampstead, NH 03841


ConvenientMD Urgent Care – Concord

8 Loudon Rd, Concord, NH 03301


ConvenientMD Urgent Care – Windham/Salem

125 Indian Rock Rd, Windham, NH 03087


Under New Hampshire Statute 281-A:19 states that an employee must report an injury to their employer within two years from the date it occurred. If an employee is suffering a repetitive motion injury or contracted a workplace illness, like black lung disease, they have two years from the date they discovered their illness or injury was work-related.

Unfortunately, in New Hampshire, there are no job security laws, so it is possible for you to lose your job if you are injured and miss more than 18 months of work.

What is Covered by My Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Medical expenses and prescriptions- Workers’ comp covers all the medical expenses associated with your injury, including surgeries, doctor’s visits, and prescriptions. If your preferred doctor is in the insurer’s network, you can seek treatment from them. Otherwise, you need to find a doctor or hospital in your worker’s compensation network.

Physical therapy- Many of the injuries that occur in the workplace require some physical therapy or rehabilitation.

Temporary disability- Some injuries requires weeks or months of recovery. Workers’ compensation benefits cover an employee’s lost wages up to 60 percent of their salary after their miss three days from work.

Permanent disability- If your workplace accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury, loss of a limb or appendage, or paralysis, an injured employee might be incapable of working another day in their life. In such cases, they may

Vocational rehabilitation- Sometimes an injury makes it difficult for a worker to continue doing the job they had before their injury. They may still be able to work; they just need to learn new skills or get a different degree.
Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in New Hampshire

Whether you live in Hampstead, Portsmouth, or Nashua, USAttorneys.com has a workers’ compensation lawyer near you, who will work tirelessly to get the benefits you deserve. They will help you secure a better settlement amount and challenge workers’ comp if they deny your claim.