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A workplace injury, even if it’s minor, can destroy a working person’s future and leave them financially strapped. Workers’ compensation exists to ensure an injured worker’s medical expenses and lost wages are covered if they are injured on the job. But most workers are unaware of how they begin the process

Who Can File for Worker’s Compensation in Nebraska?

Any person who is considered an employee who was injured on the job is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, including:

Full-time Employees

Part-time Employees

Permanent Employees

Temporary/ Seasonal Employees

State Employees

If an employer chooses, they can purchase workers’ comp insurance for some domestic employees and some employees of small agricultural operations.

Workers not covered by workers’ comp in Nebraska include:

Federal Employees

Independent Contractors

Rail Road Employees


How Do I Get Workers’ Comp in Nebraska?

Employees eligible for workers’ compensation won’t begin receiving benefits until they notify their employer. Some workplace injuries are emergencies and employers are immediately aware that a worker was injured and will initiate the claims process for the victim.

When an employee’s injuries are minor, they should notify their employer as soon as are injured or become aware Once you notify your employer the rest is up to your employer and their insurer. Under Nebraska law, an insurer has no more than 30 days to begin paying the injured worker benefits.

If your negligence, such as drug use, caused a workplace accident, workers’ comp can refuse to pay you benefits. A claim denial is frustrating, but it is an issue that you can overcome with legal expertise.

What Types of Compensation Can I Recover?

Injured workers in Nebraska are entitled to a range of benefits. Those benefits are:

Medical Costs

Loss of Wages

Pain Management

Partial Disability

Total Disability

Wrongful Death

Vocational Rehabilitation

Pain Management and Spinal Care Centers in Nebraska:

Momenta Pain Care

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Nebraska Spine + Pain Center

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Renuva Back and Pain Centers Omaha

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Sports & Spine Clinic Doctor

CHI Health Wellness Center at Lakeside

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Employees who are eligible for workers’ compensation should file their claim as soon as possible because your employer has seven days from the date of your injury or occupational disease to file your claim. recommends you speak with a workers’ compensation attorney if your employer fails to file your claim in a timely fashion.

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Most workers don’t have any issues recovering their workers’ compensation benefits, but some are wrongfully denied the benefits they deserve. You will be better equipped to overcome those challenges with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Nebraska working on your claim. USAttorneys can direct you to a local lawyer who will work hard get you a generous settlement for your workplace accident. You can contact one of our team today and set up a consultation.