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Were you injured on the job? Are you unable to work? Are the medical bills piling up? Are you struggling to keep your head above water? A workplace accident can leave you with a severe injury, causing you to miss days, weeks, maybe even months from work.

Montana Workers Rights

If you are injured on the job, you need to report your accident immediately and get medical attention

Montana allows you to see the medical practitioner of your choice for your first visit, but beyond that, your employer can choose the doctor in charge of your care.

Your employer cannot use your injury as a justification to fire you or lay you off.

Your employer has six days from the date you notify them of your injury to report it to their workers’ compensation insurer.

You can recover the costs of your medical care, physical therapy, lost wages, and if needed you can seek compensation for short-term or long-term disability.

If your employer denies you benefits or is wrongfully withholding your rightful benefits, you can appeal their decision. USAttorneys recommends you enlist a workers’ compensation lawyer to assist you with an appeal.

Employer Responsibilities

All Montana employers with five or more employees must have workers’ compensation insurance in case an employee is injured or killed. Your employer cannot take the premiums for workers’ comp insurance out of your check.

Montana Workers’ Compensation Reporting Requirements

Workplace Injuries-If you suffer an injury on the job, you have a couple of filing deadlines you must meet. Montana law requires you to notify your employer within thirty days of the date you were injured. The notice must include:

The date of the injury

The time the injury occurred

The place where the injury occurred, and

The nature of the worker’s injury.

Within 12 months of your injury, you must file a First Report of Injury (FROI) to the following:

Your employer,

The Workers’ Compensation insurer, or

The Department of Labor and Industry, Employment Relations Division at 1805 Prospect, P.O. Box 8011,

Helena, MT 59604.



Workplace Diseases- If you are suffering from an occupational disease, you must file a signed First Report of Injury within one year of the date your disease was diagnosed. To have a valid occupational disease claim your employment must be a major contributing factor.

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Some workers’ comp claims are straightforward, and the victims have no problem recovering benefits. Unfortunately, some workers are denied the benefits they deserve. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Montana will take the needed steps to ensure you begin receiving full benefits.


Montana Department of Labor & Industry

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 8011

Helena, MT 59604-8011



Beck Building

1805 Prospect Avenue

Helena, MT 59601

If need help getting your initial benefits or getting better benefits, or you need to file an appeal, let USAttorneys connect you with workers’ compensation lawyer near you in Montana. You can call and set up a free consultation, so information about your case.