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Were you injured on the job? Did you know that you may be entitled to worker’s compensation? Workers who are injured on the job can recover their medical expenses and other financial damages resulting from their workplace accident.

Who Qualifies for Worker’s Compensation?

If you were in an accident in the workplace and it occurred while you were on the clock, you qualify for worker’s compensation. Full-time and part-time employees are eligible for benefits but they must be on-duty at the time of their accident, and they must notify their employer.

After you seek medical attention, your employer will notify their worker’s compensation insurer and begin the claims process. Soon after your claim is filed, you will begin receiving benefits including coverage for your medical expenses and lost wages.

Below are addressed for local Worker’s Compensation Board offices:

Augusta Central Office

27 State House Station, Augusta ME 04333-0027


Bangor Regional Office

106 Hogan Road, Suite 1, Bangor, Maine 04401


Portland Regional Office

1037 Forest Avenue, Portland, ME 04103

Does Worker’s Compensation Choose My Doctor?

If you file a worker’s compensation claim, you need to go to a doctor or treatment facility in a network approved by your employer’s insurance provider. If it so happens that your primary care doctor in the network, they can provide your medical care.

What Does Worker’s Compensation in Maine Cover?

Worker’s compensation only covers the injuries that happen in the workplace. Those expenses include your injury-related medical expenses, costs of procedures, treatments, rehabilitation and medications. You are also eligible for your lost wages and costs of vocational rehabilitation if you are unable to perform the same job you did before your injury.

If a worker is killed or dies because of their accident, the victim’s loved ones may be entitled to compensation for the deceased’s medical expenses, funeral and burial costs and damages for their loss of financial and emotional support.

Should I Hire a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Maine?

Sometimes, an injured worker has their claim approved immediately, and they can begin receiving benefits. But not all cases are cut and dry, and many workers have their claims denied or are offered a smaller settlement than they deserve. If you are having any difficulties with your worker’s compensation claim, USAttorneys recommends you get legal assistance.

There is a list of reasons why your worker’s compensation can be denied. A worker’s compensation lawyer in Maine can help you appeal a denial and get the benefits you deserve. We can connect you with a local attorney to work on your case and help you overcome the challenges you face. Our team understands Maine’s laws and will do everything they can to get you the settlement you deserve. Going against an insurer or employer is not easy, so you need legal assistance. We can connect you with an experienced lawyer today.