Let Us Help You Find an Experienced Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Were you in an accident in your Louisiana workplace? Are currently out of work and under a doctor’s care? If you were injured on the job, you probably have many questions about your medical expenses and how you are going to recover your lost wages? You may have a valid worker’s compensation claim. USAttorneys recommends you speak with worker’s compensation lawyer to see how you should proceed with your claim.

What is Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s compensation is an insurance fund administered by the state of Louisiana to protect employees from financial hardship or ruin because of a workplace injury. An injured employee can collect compensation for their:

Medical Expenses

Physical Therapy

Doctor’s Visits

Prescription Medications

Lost Wages

Permanent or Temporary Disability

To be sure you get maximum compensation, you need a knowledgeable lawyer working on your case. They can take care of all the administrative aspects, negotiate with an insurer, and build a claim if you are being denied any benefits you deserve for your accident. Call and set up a consultation with a worker’s compensation lawyer in Louisiana as soon as you are able.

Who Is Eligible for Worker’s Compensation?

To qualify for worker’s compensation, your injury must have occurred in the workplace while you were on duty. If you were injured on the job site, and you are not on the clock, you are not eligible for worker’s compensation. If you are unsure about your eligibility for worker’s compensation, visit the Louisiana Workplace Commission website.

The following are eligible for worker’s compensation:

Full-time Employees

Part-time Employees

Seasonal Employees


Those excluded from worker’s compensation benefits include:

Domestic Employees

Real-estate Agents

Unpaid Employees of Non-Profits

Public Officials

Volunteer Workers

If you are eligible for worker’s compensation, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages and disability. When a loved one is killed on the job, you may be entitled to compensation for the deceased’s medical and funeral expenses, in addition to your loss of companionship and loss of financial support.

Louisiana Employers’ Responsibilities

Louisiana requires all employers to carry worker’s compensation insurance or be approved to self-insure per the Louisiana Workforce Commission. If your employer failed to maintain worker’s compensation, you should contact the Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration (OWCA) Fraud & Compliance section at 1-800-201-3362.

To obtain a copy of the Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration’s Rights and Responsibilities brochure contact: Records Management, Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration (OWCA), Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC), 1001 N 23rd St, Room G28, PO Box 94040, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9040.

Why You Need to Speak with a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

Worker’s compensation is supposed to protect you in the case of an accidental injury but getting compensation is not always easy. Sometimes your claim can be denied, and you must fight to get the compensation you deserve. When you retain a worker’s compensation lawyer in Louisiana, they will evaluate your case and help you overcome any hurdles keeping you from getting the benefits your deserve.