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Ideally, if a worker becomes injured due to a workplace accident while on the job, it should not be a difficult task for him or her to claim and receive workers compensation benefits. This is how it was meant to be theoretically when legislators drafted workers compensation regulations and provisions.

However, in the real world this could not be further from the truth. Claiming and receiving workers compensation benefits is a hassle all too often and employers may outright deny your claims without even providing you with any solid reason/s for doing so.

We do concede that there are many workers who have tried to defraud their employers by filing frivolous lawsuits and there will continue to be such issues.

We understand that employers should be wary of every workers compensation claim that they receive, but it does not mean they can go about declining and denying all workers compensation claims that they receive for no good reason what so ever.

The fact is that most people who file for and seek workers compensation are legitimately hurt or injured people who require all the benefits they can get and sometimes are in dire need of it.

We at are passionate about being the voice for such victims and ensuring that they receive the benefits that they rightfully deserve. We bring you one step closer to receiving your funding by getting you connected with the some of the best legal pros in this domain. With just one click or a few you can have the chance to call up a legal counselor that is willing to pounce on this case like a cat on a mouse.

Our legal representatives know what it is like to win and they know a viable case when they see one. There is not any guarantees they will take up your case but if they do you are in steady and remarkable hands. They know what it takes to win and how to undermine the opposition’s rational for not cooperating with you.

The different types of workers compensation benefits in Kansas

Obviously, not all workplace injuries are the same. Some of them are severe, some not so much but if you are hurt and it affects your productivity a little, you deserve something. Some injuries can be fatal, it does happen! The kind of benefits that the worker will receive will depend upon the nature and severity of the injury itself.

  • Temporary partial disability benefits

When the injury sustained causes the employee to become partially impaired or disabled where he can no longer work to the full extent that he used to prior to the injury for a certain period of time, then the injury is considered as a temporary partial disability and the employee will be eligible to receive compensation for medical treatment costs and 2/3rds of the lost wages.

  • Temporary total disability benefits

When an injury sustained on duty leaves an employee completely disabled in the sense that he has to take time off of work for a certain time period, then this injury is a temporary total injury and the employee is compensated for medical expenses and lost wages.

  • Permanent disability benefits

Likewise, there are also partial and total permanent disability benefits when the injury sustained is of a permanent nature.

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