Workers compensation is incredibly complex. It must cover a variety of injury types, industries and workplaces, so you may find it difficult to navigate the process alone. Furthermore, there are several grey areas that often cause confusion and have no easy solutions.

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If you’ve suffered a serious injury at work or your loved one died on the job, you may qualify for workers-compensation benefits. Unfortunately, qualifying is not enough. You will need to file a claim in the allotted time frame and in accordance with all applicable laws.

In many cases, you’ll need to fight against stubborn insurance companies or reluctant employers to gain access to the benefits that you deserve. If you’re just starting out, you can save yourself a headache by contacting a workmans-comp lawyer right away.

At USAttorneys, we offer a network of attorneys who are ready to help you seek the maximum benefits available so that you can adequately address your injuries. Our Philadelphia attorneys can represent you throughout your case, helping you to gather evidence and keeping everything moving, so you won’t have to wait any longer than necessary.

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How Obesity Affects Workers Compensation

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 34.9 percent of U.S. adults are obese. In Pennsylvania, we are slightly below the national average at 29.1 percent; however, we still face the same issues in regard to workers compensation.

The obesity epidemic is a fairly new phenomenon, and the workmans-comp system is still adjusting. Though BMI is not always an appropriate gauge of a person’s health or fitness level, obese workers are more prone to injury than workers at a normal weight.

The American Medical Association classifies obesity as a disease, and reports that a district court recently ruled that obesity is a disabilty. It remains to be seen if other courts will support the ruling.

If they do, the impact on workers-compensation cases would be substantial, because obese workers could cite their obesity as a disability that contributes to their inability to return to work.

How Workers Compensation Relates to Job-Related Car Accidents

Car accidents that leave a worker injured are particularly complex. When it comes time to pay for the worker’s injuries, the employer may argue that the other driver’s insurance should pay, and the other driver often argues that workers compensation should pay.

There are a number of questions that you’ll need to answer to determine who should pay, including:

  • Does the company own the vehicle?
  • Were you on the clock when the accident occurred?
  • Were you acting in an official capacity at the time?

The answers to these and other questions can help your workmans-compensation attorney determine which options are open to you.

At USAttorneys, our primary concern is getting you the compensation that you need to address your injuries, and you can count on us to offer practical advice regardless of the situation.

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