At some point, many businesses will find themselves defending against one of more lawsuits. Depending on the line of service or the products the business creates, these cases can include motor vehicle accidents where employees were involved while working, workers compensation claims, contract disputes, property disputes, negligence actions from injured customers, defective products, medical malpractice, and a number of other problems. The type of situations that may require a business lawyer for defense really span the entire legal spectrum due to the fact that businesses are engaged in so many different kinds of activities.

How much do businesses lose to litigation and associated costs? 

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, lawsuits cost small businesses about $105 billion annually, and these cases can have secondary effects. One of these additional problems is slow job growth, which is exacerbated when businesses cannot afford new hires due to litigation costs. A significant portion of their damages and legal fees were still paid out of pocket, even when businesses had relevant insurance coverage. Litigation costs are even expected to increase over the next several years which will only worsen the problems small businesses currently face related to things like attorney’s fees and obligations to satisfy expensive judgments.

What will a defense attorney do for the business?

Attorneys can do a number of things to make sure a pending case against your business is resolved as efficiently as possible while giving advice that will protect you against future litigation through proactive changes. Some of these services include: 

  • Making sure the claim or lawsuit is dismissed if it is frivolous or there is a lack of evidence regarding any element of the action
  • Conduct their own investigations, take depositions, get relevant records, collect data, and schedule interviews with relevant parties to make sure a legitimate claim can be made or find exculpatory evidence that absolves the business from liability
  • Review employment contracts, customer agreements, and other governing documentation to make sure the cause of action is not precluded by an agreement that prevents lawsuits or other actions against the business. 

Why is a legal defense a worthy investment?

Being held liable for things like injuries to customers or employees, property damage, or damages caused by defective products can be a huge expense. Lost wages, medical bills, workers compensation, repairs to fleet vehicles, and other common forms of damages can run in the thousands or even millions of dollars depending on the type of lawsuit. It is best to avoid paying out money to an injured party for years after the incident, as this can severely affect profits and operating costs. Destin business litigation attorneys will help minimize these costs by providing an appropriate defense and making sure improper claims go away.  

 Contact a business attorney to handle your litigation in Destin Florida

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