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Looking for a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Iowa to Help with a Claim?

When an employee or a worker sustains injuries in a workplace accident the first thing the first question that comes to mind is whether they are entitled to claim workers compensation benefits.

Many of us are engaged in occupations that are considerably safe where desk jobs rarely lead to any accidents. However, there are certain occupations in industries such as:

  • mining
  • construction
  • trucking
  • carpentry
  • fishing
  • law enforcement
  • fire fighting
  • manufacturing units
  • working in a factory, and do so on

……where workers are more prone to accidents or even long term exposure to hazardous environments which may later manifest in health issues, and you get the picture.

In order to compensate such workers for their losses, particularly for the medical expenses and lost wages, the state of Iowa has workers’ compensation benefits programs or packages depending on the nature and severity of the injuries.

In some unfortunate cases where the worker dies as a result of the accident, then his or her family will receive benefits to compensate them for the lost financial support or income that the worker used to bring into the household (applicable for dependent relatives only).

If you need legal help in this matter this is where comes into the picture. This website that you are on now does not accept the system trying to intimidate anyone, certainly when they are unable to work and provide properly for themselves and/or their family. This is a pivotal resource that you have at your disposable. Do not pass up on this offer.

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Workers compensation claims can be denied and what you can do about it

Employers are well aware that a lot of workers have in the past and even some now continue to file workers compensation benefits claims which are frivolous or fraudulent. There have been instances where workers have faked an injury or illness just to be able to receive benefits without working.

In addition, there have also been cases where the injured worker has healed completely yet pretends to still be impaired or injured to an extent where he or she cannot work just to continue to receive workers compensation benefits.

Of course employers have to be wary about this and scrutinize every claim that they receive to ensure its legitimacy, but it does not warrant their unreasonable and unjustified denials of even legitimate claims which is what happens more often. Most claims are genuine! An injured worker may be in dire straits and when his claim is denied without any concrete explanation it can be intimidating and we understand that.

Do not accept an unacceptable response from the insurance company

However, you are able to appeal and challenge some denials and have them overturned. All you need is to reach out to us and waiting any longer does not make any sense. At, you will find workers compensation lawyers in Iowa with extensive experience, acumen, and motivation to tackle your case involving workers compensation benefits cases and laws.

They will be able to not only represent you in your case and give you a voice, but also ensure that the denial is challenged and that you receive every penny of what you rightfully deserve.

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If you have any issues you can shoot questions to our representative on the live chat option or complete the contact form and we will call back at an appropriate time. We know you are upset and have every right to be. You were hurt on the job and the insurance company rejected your claim despite you doing everything right. You need to get paid, this is why you have been paying them month after month!