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While some of us toil away at desks and behind computer screens for a living, there are others who have jobs which are more physically demanding. For the most part, workers in the mining industry, the construction industry, transport and trucking sectors and even factory workers are always prone to being involved in a workplace accident.

Some workplace accidents cause injuries which may require medical attention and could also cause the injured worker to miss time from work and therefore lose out on wages. In such cases, the state of Indiana offers worker’s compensation benefits package which provisions for workers who have sustained such injuries and consequent losses.

There are different types of work place injuries and accordingly there are also different types of workers compensation benefits packages. If you have been hurt on the job and you have been denied worker’s compensation you may have a case here. You may be getting cheated and that is unacceptable. This is where can help you. Since you have made this far, you are very close to obtaining the legal help you need.

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Types of workers compensation benefits available in Indiana

  • Temporary total disability – When a worker is inflicted with an injury which leaves him or her completely unable to work at all for a certain period of time (temporarily) then he or she can avail what are known as temporary total disability benefits which will compensate for medical expenses and lost wages. Most workers compensation claims in The Hoosier State come under this category.
  • Temporary partial disability – If a worker sustains an injury which leaves them injured to an extent where they can still carry out some of the duties within the score of their job description, but not all of it, then this is known as temporary partial disability.
  • Permanent total disability – In the unfortunate case where the injuries sustained by the worker are so severe that they basically prevent him or her from ever returning to work then such workers will be eligible to receive permanent total disabilities and these benefits will last permanently and will be at least 2/3rd of the wages that the worker used to make at the time of the injury or just prior to it.
  • Permanent partial disability – An injury where the injured worker has permanently lost the functioning of a body part and can actually return to work but their ability to work to the full scope that they used to before has been permanently lost will mean that such a worker can claim and receive permanent partial disability benefits.
  • Survivor benefits – Lastly, some workplace accidents are fatal and can claim a victim’s life. Dependent relatives of such victims are also provided benefits in order to compensate them for the loss in financial support that the worker used to bring to the house hold.

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