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The state of Illinois offers worker’s compensation benefits for employees and workers who have either sustained injuries requiring medical attention and/or resulting in not being able to work temporarily or permanently.

Therefore, to compensate injured workers for their losses in terms of medical expenses and lost wages, Illinois provides different types of workers compensation benefits. Some injuries leave workers disabled for a while and they are able to return to work. If you are having trouble obtaining your benefits for whatever reason you need legal help. There is no reason to keep banging your head on the wall, no reason at all.

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However, there are some injuries which disable workers permanently and they cannot work like they used to anymore. In addition, there are some workplace accidents that kill employees or pose a great danger to their life. Therefore, depending on what exactly transpired, there are different types of workers compensation benefits available.

  • Partial permanent disability

Partial permanent disability is compensation provided to injured workers, which can be summed up as partial loss of the use of a body part or function. The amount of compensation awarded will depend upon which body part has been disabled permanently and how it will affect the injured victim’s work and life.

  • Permanent total disability

If a work related injury results in a more severe injury and leaves the victim unable to do any kind of work at all or if it results in the loss of two of the same body parts (both limbs for examples) then it is considered a permanent total disability.

The worker in question will be eligible to receive permanent total disability benefits, which as the name suggests, will be permanent in nature and will be at least two thirds of what the workers gross salary income was at the time or just before when the accident occurred.

It will also, of course, include compensation for medical expenses and treatment. This medical care will include all reasonable and necessary medical care as per a doctor.

  • Temporary total disability

Temporary total disability is when a worker is injured and has to take time off work completely since the injuries have rendered him or her totally disabled for the time being. Therefore, the compensation will include money to replace the wages lost during the time taken off and also to pay for medical care which is deemed and reasonable and necessary care.

The compensation for lost wages will include at least two thirds of the weekly wages of the worker just prior to the accident.

  • Survivor benefits

Unfortunately, some work related accidents can claim an employee’s life. These workers have families and usually a spouse and minor children who may have been dependent on the victim financially. Therefore, the survivors will be compensated for the lost support in terms of the income the worker used to bring into the household.

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