Workers' Comp CoverageBaltimore, MD- Have you been in a workplace accident? Did you require medical services? Did your injuries keep you from working? If “yes” is the answer to any of those questions, you probably qualify for workers’ compensation benefits?

Workplace accidents are common for construction workers and truck drivers, but a workplace accident can happen in any workplace and at any time. Sometimes, workplace accidents are rooted in negligence on behalf of an employee, a co-worker or an employer. Sadly, employer negligence is far too common.

Federal law requires employers to keep the workplace free of safety hazards which can include obstructions on the floor or in walkways, toxins from chemicals used in the workplace or malfunctioning equipment. But not all employers comply with those regulations.

Employer negligence is often the result of inaction on the part of an employer either because they failed to teach their employees proper workplace safety or failed the ensure the workplace is free of dangers. An employer could be responsible for a worker’s injuries if they failed to repair manufacturing equipment, tractor-trailers or forklifts. Sometimes companies fail to offer proper safety equipment to their employees.

So, what does that mean for an injured worker? How does an employer’s negligence affect their injury claim?

Proving your employer was negligent can increase the amount of compensation you receive, but to so you must show that they violated federal regulations whether they intended to or not. If you were injured on the job, you might be entitled to worker’s compensation, so USAttorneys urges you to contact a workers’ compensation attorney in Maryland. You may be entitled to benefits for your medical costs and lost wages, and since your employer was negligent, it will be hard for them to deny your claim.

To begin receiving workers’ compensation benefit, you need first to file your claim with your employer who will, in turn, file a claim with Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. Once you’ve filed your claim, you should consider speaking with a workers’ compensation attorney. When you have legal representation, you can be confident that you are getting all the benefits you need and deserve.

If you live in Baltimore and were injured in a workplace accident, we recommend you contact then Injury Law Center through their website or by calling 443.630.0394. The workers’ compensation attorneys at the Injury Law Center will give your case the attention it deserves. When you call them, they’ll return your calls. When you have a question, they will be willing to answer it. They will be by your side, keep track of the paperwork and deal with insurers, so that you can focus on your recovery.