How to Prevent a Work-Related Injury During the Winter Months?

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Work accidents can happen at any given time and during any season of the year. However, during the winter season, there are some additional hazards that make certain work environments much riskier for employees to work in. For instance, OSHA says that “the winter weather presents hazards including slippery roads/surfaces, strong winds, and environmental cold.” With that in mind, in order for workers to reduce the chances of sustaining an injury during the colder months in the year, they must take precautionary measures that will help keep them safe.


How to Prevent Slips on Snowy or Icy Surfaces?


If you want to avoid slipping on snow or ice, it is important that your employer clear the surfaces where the snow or ice is present. In the event you are required to work where you cannot avoid walking on snow or ice, OSHA says you should:


  • Wear footwear that has good traction and insulation. This would include boots or rubber-over shoes that are insulated and water resistant.
  • Take short steps and try walking at a slower pace so that you are able to “react quickly to changes in traction.”


How to prevent falls when clearing snow or ice?


If you work in a city in South Carolina where snow and ice are common, it is important that when clearing it from rooftops and other elevated heights that you:


  • Have the necessary fall protection in place.
  • You are properly trained to work at the elevated height, even when it is slippery.
  • You use extreme caution when working near power lines.
  • You “prevent harmful exposure to cold temperatures and physical exertion.”


Did you know that falls are the leading cause of death in construction [Source: OSHA]? Given that falls account for more deaths than any other type of accident, it is important that no matter what field you work in, when you are required to work from a higher elevation, you are cautious and careful, especially when there is snow or ice present. OSHA shares some other helpful safety tips that can be applied to help prevent a fall at work no matter what time of year it is and you are encouraged to review these at your earliest convenience.


What to do if you sustained an injury at work?


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After sustaining a work-related injury, it is recommended that you notify your employer immediately so that they can file your claim.

If you were involved in an accident while on the job in Greenville, SC, you will want to report your injury as soon as possible. Although the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Commission says that you must report your injury within 90 days of the accident, it is best to notify your employer after it occurs so that they can file the necessary paperwork and you can begin receiving the worker’s compensation benefits you are entitled to. The SC Worker’s Compensation Commission also addresses some frequently asked questions about worker’s compensation so if you are interested in learning more about the medical benefits you will receive or the what the current compensation rate is, you can do so by clicking here.


 Now, if your employer is refusing to file your claim, pay your claim, or they are having the hospital or doctor seek payment for the medical treatments you had rendered from you, you will need to contact the department at your place of employment that is responsible for handling the processing of worker’s compensation claims. If you find that you still aren’t able to get your issue resolved, you may even consider speaking with a Greenville, SC worker’s compensation lawyer. While you might not need an attorney to provide you with legal representation just yet, they can share with you some helpful tips on how to get your claim paid.

In the event you have a question relating to your recent accident that occurred at work or aren’t being provided with the benefits you are entitled to, contact the Hayes Law Firm, LLC located in Greenville, SC. Attorney Carole Hayes has extensive experience in handling work accident claims and will help you receive the compensation you not only need, but also deserve.


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