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Hawaii, like most other states in the US, has a worker’s compensation benefits program in order to provide for workers who have suffered economic and non-economic losses as a result of a workplace accident.

There are limitations

However, it is fundamental to note that workers compensation benefits only compensate the injured worker for economic losses such as lost wages or pay and also medical expenses, but these benefits do not make up for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and this tragic list continues.

Can be at fault and still be eligible for benefits

Another thing that must be remembered when it comes to workers compensation benefits is that unlike other civil lawsuits, you can receive these benefits even if you were at fault for causing the accident as long as the accident or incident happened while on duty.

Furthermore, it is not only workplace accidents per se which fall under the umbrella of workers compensation benefits. Illnesses and diseases that may have occurred as a result of exposure and a hazardous workplace environment will also be compensated for by workers compensation benefits in this gorgeous island state.

In addition, in some cases where a worker dies or passes away as a result of a workplace accident or illness, then his or her family (dependent members) will be eligible for workers compensation benefits in order to compensate them for the lost income which their now deceased loved one used to bring to the house.

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The different types of workers compensation benefits

There are several categories of workers compensation benefits and what sort of benefits you receive will depend on the nature and severity of your injury itself. The different types of workers compensation benefits include:

  • Temporary total disability benefits―TTD is when workers sustain a work place injury that renders them temporarily unable to return to work. Therefore, while they cannot work, they will be compensated for the lost wages thanks to TTD benefits. This compensation will be at least 66% of what the workers normal wage and will be paid for the entire duration wherein the worker could not work.
  • Permanent total disability―When a worker, due to a workplace accident, becomes permanently unable to come back to work or return to any other type of work is paid PTD at a rate of at least 66% of what their salary was prior to the accident having occurred.

Likewise, there is also permanent partial disability and temporary partial disability.

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