The cost for excess coverage of workers’ compensation insurance in the state of Pennsylvania is expected to spike close to $20,000 in 2015, according to a city administrator, Greg Barrouk. Barrouk told council that policy is offered by Safety National Casualty Corp. for $83,329, and also answered questions posed by council members during the first regularly scheduled work session of the year.

Increase is a Result of Changes in State Regulations

The state of Pennsylvania is self-insured, but is required to carry excess coverage for claims over $1 million by the State Bureau of Worker’s Compensation, according to Barrouk. He also said that the increase in workers compensation coverage that is already high was a result of certain changes in state regulations. Joseph J. Joyce Associates of Pittston, an insurance broker in the city reviewed quotes and recommended Safety National of St. Louis, Missouri.

The state is also required by the Bureau to maintain an illness and accident prevention provider for its employees. A price of $5,820 a year was quoted by High Environmental Health & Safety Consulting Ltd. of Lancaster which they proposed to be paid monthly.

Barrouk also stated that training is provided by the consultants to the city police, fire, code enforcement, and departments of public works employees. He said that it this training could entail something as simple as avoiding injury by throwing a garbage bag into a truck properly.

Policies and Procedures to be put into Writing

The city will also be required to put all its policies and procedures into writing so as to overview and update on a constant basis how it uses its bond proceeds in accordance to the regulations assigned by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to Barrouk, this was a federal compliance issue with the bond companies. The responsibility of submitting the paperwork will be on Brett Kittrick, the finance officer of the city of Pennsylvania.

There were several other issues discussed, such as calling on having Mayor Thomas Leighton, Controller Kathy Kane, and City Clerk Jim Ryan as signatories on all state funded projects.

The Process of Workers Compensation Claims made Easier

Filling a workers’ compensation clam can be a tricky procedure, especially because there are so many tiny nuances involved in this law. Then, there’s the fact that workers compensation law differs from state to state. What may hold ground in the state of Pennsylvania may not in the state of California.

If you have sustained an injury in your workplace and are wondering what your next steps should be, the first one to take would be to look up a qualified workers compensation lawyer. Your workers compensation lawyer will first advise you to inform your employer about your injury, as you have 120 days to do this. After that, your employer will forward your claim to the insurance company. This is when a workers’ compensation lawyer will take over, so that you secure the best possible outcome for your claim.