Charleston, SCWork injuries can create a situation where the victim suddenly has to deal with a number of confusing rules and procedures. Workers compensation insurance is required by law for most employers in South Carolina, and their employees do not have to pay into this system or receive deductions out of their paychecks. Anyone who needs assistance with a claim should get legal help to ensure that they go through the process to be paid properly and follow all relevant regulations. An attorney can also review the employers actions to ensure that they are within the boundaries of the law. 

Legal requirements to protect against work injuries

Almost all U.S. states have regulations where an employer must maintain some kind of insurance to pay out claims to workers who were hurt on the job. Very few employers fall outside of these regulations, so it is safe to assume that any given employer is paying into the system. The individual employees that work for the company do not have to make any kind of payments or go through any kind of special process to be eligible until an injury happens. 

Who is eligible for benefits?

From an employee’s first day of work once they are formally hired, they are technically covered under their employer’s insurance. There are a few exceptions, such as an employee being intoxicated on the job, or causing their own injuries through non work related activities, but workers can generally expect to be covered if an accident happens. These benefits may include costs of medical treatment, lost wages, and even training to return to work if the victim needs to stay out of work for months or years. There are also long term benefits available if the person becomes partially or totally disabled and can no longer work as normal. 

In order for an injured worker to collect their benefits, they should notify their employer as soon as possible after the injury and follow all relevant procedures. Missing certain steps in the process or waiting too long can cause a claim to be denied. 

Work injury lawsuits

There may be some situations where a worker was hurt due to the fault of another company or person. In these cases, the entity responsible may actually be sued and brought to court rather than filing a workers compensation claim. The worker should check with their attorney for the proper procedure.

Workers compensation firms in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm is focused on workers compensation issues and related problems for people who work in the Charleston area. More detailed and specific help is available to anyone who contacts the firm and schedules a consultation. 

Firm contact info:

The Clekis Law Firm

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