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If you have been hurt in a work related injury in the District of Columbia (DC) then you may have several questions: one of them being―what sort of workers compensation benefits may you be eligible to receive, if any? The answer is that it depends on the nature and severity of your injury.

As per the laws in effect in DC, there are different types of workers compensation benefits for different situations. This includes temporary partial disability, temporary total disability, permanent partial disability, and permanent total disability. Depending on several factors you may be able to claim benefits under these categories.

The different types of workers compensation benefits

  1. Temporary partial disability – These are benefits provided to employees who were injured in a workplace accident but has since returned to work. However, because of the injury or impairment sustained in the accident, they are no longer able to work to the full degree that they were prior to the accident and hence cannot make as much income as they used to.

To compensate for the lost wages, they will be granted temporary partial disability benefits where they will be provided at least an additional 60% of the difference between their previous salary and their current reduced income. If you are in this situation and having trouble receiving the compensation you deserve then need use this website, the one you are on now, to go after what you deserve. It is not your fault this happened and even it is, you still deserve something!

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  1. Temporary total disability – Temporary total disability benefits are benefits provided to workers who have been deemed by a doctor to be unable to go back to work for a certain period of time at least after a workplace related injury. The doctor may provide you with a note stating how long you should stay home from work. You will be compensated for lost wages for the time taken off for recovery by virtue of temporary total disability benefits.
  1. Permanent partial disability – This happens to be one of the most common types of workers’ compensation benefits granted in most workplace related injury cases or even an occupational disease. Permanent partial disability is when some form of permanent impairment exists because of which the worker or employee will no longer be able to work due to a partial disability. For example, amputation of a limb, hearing loss, loss of vision in one eye, carpal tunnel syndrome, and so on.

The amount of benefits will depend on the severity of the disability.

  1. Permanent total disability – Permanent total disability, as the name suggests, is when the worker has become permanently and almost totally disabled as per a licensed doctor. Such benefits can include life time workers compensation pension.

This is the worst case situation.

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