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In Delaware, when your workers compensation claim is approved you will be entitled to workers compensation benefits as per state law.

However, these benefits are not the same which are provided in every claim and can vary from one claim to the other depending on the nature and severity of the work related accident and its consequent injury. If you need legal help in this matter you are in the right place. can get the job done for you. This site is your stepping stone to some of the best legal talent in this domain across the landscape. Names and phone numbers can easily be obtained!

Moreover, the workers compensation benefits which are handed out in Delaware can be classified into three different categories which are as follows:

Types of disability benefits in Delaware

  • Temporary total disability – Temporary total disability or TTD benefits are basically meant for those Delaware workers who have been deemed by a licensed doctor that they will not be able to go back to work for a certain period of time. When this happens to be the case, the worker who will miss time from work will have to be compensated for their lost wages and the compensation provided will have to be at least 66% of your gross weekly income for the time period that you are disabled and out of work.
  • Temporary partial disability – After a work place accident if a doctor determines that the injured worker is partially disabled and can essentially perform some work, but to the full extent that he or she did in the past, then such workers will be entitled to temporary partial disability or TPD for the time period when they are unable to work to the full scope that they used to in the past. The benefits given will include at least 2/3rd of the difference between your wages prior to the accident and your new wage post the accident. Such benefits, as per the Delaware workers compensation laws, can only go on for a maximum of 300 weeks.
  • Partial permanent disability – In some unfortunate cases, the workplace accident in question leaves a worker permanently disabled, but not totally disabled, for example, a permanent impairment of a limb. In such cases, the worker will be entitled to receive partial permanent disability or PPD. The amount of benefits provided to workers who have become partially and permanently disabled will depend on three factors: which body part has become impaired, how severe the nature of the impairment is, and the income of the worker at the time when the accident occurred.

Why you need professional legal assistance with your Delaware workers compensation claim

Employers will look to evade liability as much as possible in order to save money which they would otherwise have to pay out as workers compensation benefits. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a legal expert on your side who is experienced in making and receiving workers compensation claims and benefits.

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