“Deadpool 2” Stunt Driver Dies While Performing Motorcycle Stunt

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While 20th Century Fox was hoping to bring attention to the sequel of the movie that grossed over $363 million in 2016 with its follow-up, “Deadpool 2,” the company experienced a major setback with all the stunts that were set to perform. Apparently, a female stunt driver whose name has been withheld, engaged in a motorcycle stunt on set, however, things took a turn south during the filming.

Vancouver Police released a statement acknowledging a woman had died during a motorcycle stunt scene on August 14th when the stunt didn’t exactly go as planned. According to CNN, the accident occurred at the 1000 Block of West Waterfront Road, Vancouver B.C. near the Jack Poole Plaza. Ryan Reynolds, one of the movies top stars, took to Twitter posting his condolences to the family of the woman who lost her life in the tragic motorcycle accident. The filming began back in June with cast members who were thrilled to be back for the sequel to the first movie that topped Hollywood charts.


How common are movie set accidents?


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While you might think it is all fun and games behind the scenes of a movie being made, many actors and even some film crew sustain minor and even life-threatening injuries during filming. Stunt scenes also increase the chance of a work accident occurring as many of the stunts are dangerous and rather risky. Below are some accidents that occurred during the time when major motion pictures were created.


  1. Dylan O’Brien was injured while doing a stunt during the filming of “The Maze Runner.” He was moving from the top of one car to another and something went wrong according to screenrant.com. While O’Brien survived his work-related accident, his injuries put him out of commission for a little while.
  2. Harry O’Conner, who played as Vin Diesel’s stunt double in “XXX,” struck his head on part of the Palacky Bridge in Prague and died on impact.
  3. Art Scholl was killed during an aerial stunt during the filming of “Top Gun.” Scholl was recognized as “one of the most famous stunt pilots of all time” and before crashing his plane into the sea, his last words were “I have a problem. I have a real problem.”


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