Louisiana – November 29, 2020

Louisiana economy depends on the thriving chemical and oil industries, and the industrial manufacturing facilities in the region, but workers have suffered physical, emotional, and financial harms through contracted toxic exposure illnesses, burn accidents, or severe injury and death in many cases. Contact an experienced environmental attorney in Louisiana for guidance.

Dangerous occupation. 

Oil Industry workers are more likely to suffer injury, or death as an occupational hazard as demonstrated by the Centers for Disease Controls, Fatalities in the Oil and Gas Extraction Industry (FOG).  In 2017, 69 fatalities occurred, and 4 of those were in Louisiana reporting an average of 61 rigs.  Frequent injury occurrences on rigs include broken bones, loss of limb injuries, respiratory issues from inhaling toxins, cuts and lacerations, brain and head trauma, and spinal cord damage.  Each type of injury has a set valuation of costs assigned to it and tailored to individual cases which legal counsel can assist with depending upon the extent of the injury and harmful losses.


Accidents often occur because of an employer’s lack of enforcement of safety measures and protocols, inadequate Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training, and/or employer negligence.  Negligence will need to be proven by a personal injury attorney.

The most common causes of oil rig injury and death.

  • Physical demands of the oil rigging industry involve strength, balance, steady hands, and acute coordination because without those attributes, individuals may fall off of higher decks and platforms onto lower levels, or the sea. If equipment and objects become loose, employees can trip and fall.  Fall protection must be in place and proper cleaning of slicked areas should be undertaken with frequency.
  • Fire hazards and blowouts which may be caused by leaks, environmental conditions, or employee negligence.
  • Heavy machinery and falling object accidents occurring because of the size and strength of oil extractors, other large machinery and technical requirements needed to properly operate the heavy equipment, and the movement of large objects on a maritime vessel.
  • Transportation to and from rigs often involves the use of helicopters and water transport to reach rig locations. Transportation accidents are the primary cause of death and injury in the oil industry due to mechanical problems and weather conditions.
  • Toxic substance and chemical exposures of drilled oil, fluids used for drilling and other toxic chemicals may result in burns, rashes, respiratory problems, organic failure, allergic reactions, and asphyxiation.

Skilled attorneys can address injuries utilizing maritime law protections including The Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act to recover comprehensive damages after an injury, or job-related fatality.

Workers’ compensation/civil action.

A skilled oil industry attorney can initiate a claim supported by proof of employer negligence to seek monetary compensation through either a workers’ compensation action, or a civil action.  The recovery of damages will address losses to victims who have suffered injury, or toxic illness, and families who may have experienced harm from secondary exposure to a toxic substance through a family member’s occupational hazards, or the loss after an work-related death occurs.

Seek legal counsel.

Legal counsel can answer questions regarding the choice between seeking the recovery of damages through workers’ compensation claims, or through civil litigation when accident victims have been harmed in a workplace setting.  Experienced attorneys at Stag Liuzza understand how important it is to seek comprehensive financial awards of damages due to accidental injuries occurring on oil rigs leading to short, or long term disability, or death.


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