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As per the state laws in effect with regards to workers compensation benefits in the state of Colorado, factors such as negligence or intentional wrong doing are not weighed or considered when determining whether or not a claimant should receive workers compensation benefits.

The definition is pretty simple, if you were injured while at work or on duty performing tasks which were within the course and scope of your employment, then you are entitled to receive workers compensation benefits irrespective of whether there was any negligence involved or not.

In fact, this holds true even if you were at fault for causing your own injury – you can still receive workers compensation benefits simply based on the fact that you were injured while you were on duty.

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What benefits can you claim and receive in a Colorado workers compensation case?

In Colorado, as per the state law, however, you cannot receive non-economic damages as part of your workers compensation benefits such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, mental anguish, and so on. These can only be claimed via a personal injury lawsuit which is a separate legal proceeding in itself.

However, as part of your workers compensation benefits, what you will receive are several benefits such as disability benefits, which can be temporary or permanent, medical and rehabilitation care benefits, and some other types of benefits. The amount of the money you are entitled to and will receive depends on the severity of your injuries and/or illness.

Temporary total disability benefits

Any worker who missed over 3 days of duty as a result of a workplace injury will receive temporary total disability benefits at a rate which will be at least two thirds of the workers average weekly allowance for the period when he or she is completely off duty.

Temporary partial disability

A worker whose injuries have been determined as partial disability and has returned to his job and is receiving lesser than his or her normal full pay, then the benefits provided will have to be at least two thirds of the difference between the average weekly wage of the worker prior to the accident and the reduced weekly average wage that he or she has been receiving since the incident.

Permanent partial disability

If the accident in question has resulted in an injury which is permanent in nature yet has not left you totally debilitated then you will receive permanent partial disability benefits which will include monetary awards as compensation for your disability.

Permanent total disability

These are permanent benefits for a worker who is totally debilitated by the injury and cannot work at all. He or she will receive these benefits for as long as the disability lasts. 

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