Charleston, SCInjuries at work are fairly common depending on the industry. People who drive for several hours a day, handle hazardous equipment and materials, work in construction, or other types of manual labor are some of the most likely to be hurt while working. Even low risk occupations like office workers and teachers can occasionally sustain injuries as well at times. After evaluating the specifics of the industry and the circumstances surrounding the accident, a lawyer can recommend a course of action that is most likely to result in the maximum amount of compensation for their client. This may include lawsuits, settlement agreements, or insurance claims.  

What is workers compensation?

Workers compensation is primarily meant to compensate a worker for their lost wages while they stay out of work due to an injury sustained on the job. Most employers have insurance to cover these costs if an injury happens, because they are required by law to do so. This is the first step for most workers, as it will cover their basic costs related to missing wages. There may also be an opportunity to have prescriptions and some other forms of treatment for the injury covered. 

The process to report a workers compensation claim

Right after an incident happens, the worker needs to do certain things to start the claim process and preserve their rights. They should first document the incident and tell their employer exactly what happened, including the details such as the time and place of the injury. The worker should also make it clear that they were actually working and engaged in their normal job duties. The employer will usually make the worker fill out some forms and documentation. They will generally make a formal claim with their insurer as well. Each state has a process where the employer must follow some additional procedures as well which are required by state law. The insurance company that handles these issues for the companies will have their own system to approve or deny claims 

Getting legal advice during this process

Workers should be careful about any paperwork that they sign, or if they are asked to agree to a settlement for a certain amount without legal advice. A lawyer can determine if the company is acting fairly and in good faith. They may also be able to file a standard personal injury case if it is warranted based on the facts surrounding the injury. 

Finding out if lawsuits or other actions are necessary

Anyone who is dealing with the consequences of an injury should look into getting legal help. The Clekis Law Firm is an experienced group of attorneys that handles cases for local clients in the Charleston area. 

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