It’s Time to Consult a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Many people have desk jobs where we are in a safe environment and there are no real risks of any accidents occurring. However, there are also many individuals whose jobs can actually be risky.

You can still get hurt in an office job as well. Do not count that out!

Construction workers, miners, factory workers, lab workers, and this list continues are all professionals who are at a higher risk of being injured in a workplace accident or a work related accident. Factory workers may suffer illnesses as a result of exposure to unhealthy conditions (gas, smoke, dust, radiation, etc.).

If an employee is involved in a work place accident and suffers injury, sickness or is killed as a result of this accident, then the employer is responsible to pay him or her or the immediate family workers compensation benefits according to state law in effect in California.

However, it is not uncommon for employers to deny workers compensation benefits without any valid reason. This is where a competent and zealous workers compensation legal counselor comes into the equation and this is where you will find just the right legal team to help you receive the benefits you deserve. This can all be done here on This website has saved lives.

You have been hurt on the job and the bills are piling up and you cannot work. Time to do something about it!

Fraudulent workers compensation claims

In defense of employers, sometimes people file frivolous workers compensation benefits claims just so they can make some easy bucks without having to work for it. There have been a plenitude of cases in California where an employee has faked an injury in order to file for workers compensation benefits or has fully recovered from an injury caused by a workplace accident and yet continues to receive benefits by falsely claiming to be still disabled.

While this is a sound reason for employers to be wary of workers compensation claims, it does not, however, warrant the denial of legitimate claims without reason.

Types of workers compensation benefits available in California

If the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) approves a worker’s compensation claim, the claimant will receive certain benefits, which includes:

  • Financing of all medical treatment for the work related injury or condition
  • Cash payments to compensate for lost past and future wages, temporary or permanent disability wages, and so forth

In case of the death of a worker, then his or her family (dependent relatives) will receive survivor benefits in order to compensate them for their loss.

Challenges of filing a worker’s compensation claim

Because of the fact that frivolous claims are filed, there is an extensive process that must be followed prior to a claim being approved. This involves a full medical evaluation, an investigation into the accident or incident itself, and so on.

If you have had your legitimate workers compensation claim denied, and you are at wits end as to what to do then you are at the right place! At you will find the most competent workers compensation lawyers in California with plenty of experience in appealing denied workers compensation claims. They will be able to help you win your benefits just like they have done for hundreds of other Californian workers in the past.

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