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Some of us have desk jobs which are considerably safe, but many workers are in occupations that involve commuting, construction, working with chemicals and electricity, working in hazardous conditions such as mine fields and factories, and so on.

Even though employers in Arkansas take utmost care to safeguard their workers from accidents and mishaps, they still happen. When such unfortunate incidents occur, it can have varying consequences in some cases it can leave the worker temporarily or permanently sick or ill and in some cases it can even result in the employee’s death.

As per Arkansas state law, the employer is legally responsible to provide workers’ compensation benefits to a disabled employee who cannot work anymore and is therefore incapable of earning an income. In the case of death of an Arkansas employee due to a workplace accident, the employer is responsible to compensate the dependent’s relatives and ensure that they claim workers’ compensation benefits.

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Frivolous workers compensation claims

It is not uncommon for Arkansas employees to receive workers’ compensation claims which are illegitimate. Sometimes, workers file claims for workers compensation benefits by falsely claiming to have been injured or disabled in a workplace accident.

They may sometimes file claims seeking benefits and continue receiving benefits even though they have already fully recovered and can go back to work by pretending to still be hurt.

Therefore, Arkansas based employers are of course wary of workers compensation claims but this does not warrant the unreasonable denial of even legitimate claims with real victims. Unfortunately, sometimes even real workplace accident victims find that their claims are denied for no valid reason. If you are going through such a situation, you need a legal counselor!

Our workers’ compensation legal professionals are the best in the business and not just in Arkansas, but across the country and are especially well versed with the state laws in effect with respect to workers compensation benefits and workplace injuries. They will be able to help you win your claim and the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve.

The different types of workers compensation benefits available in Arkansas

As per our expert legal professionals, the benefits for victims of workplace accidents include but are not limited to:

  • Medical Benefits – The cost of past and future medical expenses (related to the treatment of the workplace injury or illness) will have to be borne by the employer and these expenses can include medication costs, doctor fees, hospital charges including admission, lab tests, test and x-rays, surgeries, etc.
  • Other benefits also include rehabilitation services and cash benefits for temporary total disability, permanent partial disability, permanent and total disability (depending on the nature and severity of your injuries) and wage loss.

Whether your injuries are permanent and more severe or temporary, you need to cover the costs of medical treatment which can get costly. Therefore, it would be prudent to get the best possible legal assistance, which is readily available here at when you use our poignant interactive map. Just type in your location and you will see plenty of legal help emerge on your screen.

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