Texas – November 28, 2020

The State of Texas Workers’ compensation program provides pay and medical benefits to employees who suffer a work-related injury, or illness. Employers must carry worker’s compensation insurance for an employee to receive related benefits.  A workers’ compensation attorney can be resourceful for accident victims who have experienced severe burn injuries on the job.

Types of burns.

An experienced burn injury attorney may be aware of average recovery times for specific occupational burns with the assistance of a treating medical professional, and ascertain a common average valuation to the resultant harm of a client by using certain formulas.  Burn injuries that stem from common occupational dangers include those caused by chemicals, radiation, thermal units, and UV lighting.  Workers can protect themselves by wearing the appropriate protective gear for the dangers of the specific work environment.  Burns range from first-degree to fourth-degree in severity, with the former not causing too much residual damage, but the latter may require intense medical care and serial surgeries to correct.  In any case, it is wise for accident victims to file a workers’ compensation claim and talk to an attorney about any additional steps necessary in the recovery of damages.

Workers’ compensation for burn-risk occupations.

The occupations that experience the highest risk of burn-related injury include electricians, construction workers, lab workers, mechanics, food workers, and firefighters. Workers’ compensation usually covers burn injuries that occur in the course of someone’s work duties, and pays for medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses including medications, physical and occupational therapies, and lost wages.  Individuals who suffer burn injury at their place of employment should seek immediate medical attention, file an incident report with their employer an consult with an attorney.

 The Texas Workforce Commission has a specific process to be undertaken when a person becomes injured on the job, contracts an illness that is job-related, or dies on the job, necessitating a workers’ compensation claim for monetary damages.  Work-related burn injuries in the United States are frequent with the American Burn Association, reporting more than 5,000 workplace burn injuries every year, and 8% of those occurring at work.   Burn injury accident victims who are injured on the job should know they:

  • have the right to hire an attorney.
  • can utilize the services of the Office of Injured Employee Counsel representatives who can answer general questions regarding case actions.
  • may be able to receive medical and income benefits regardless of fault in many instances.
  • have a right to access treatment for the work related injury.
  • have the right to be reimbursed for all related medical treatment and travel for care.
  • have the right to receive income benefits for work-related injury.
  • can dispute resolution regarding medical benefits and work income.
  • can choose their own doctor in most cases.

Seek legal counsel.

When a work-related burn injury interferes with the activities of daily living, and forces individuals to take time off from work for a short, or long period of time to recover, an experienced burn injury lawyer at Cooper Law Firm can help.  Skilled attorneys at the Cooper Law Firm can assist with workers’ compensation claims, or civil action when necessary to recover damages when severe burn injuries cause long term medical, emotional, and fiscal harm.


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